How do hairdressers win repeat business?

How do hairdressers win repeat business?
Dec 16, 2022admin

How do hairdressers win repeat customers?

Having customers means that the hairdressing shop can continue to operate healthily, otherwise the hairdressing shop will be struggling, and for a hairdressing shop, the source of customers is the core key point of the existence of a hairdressing shop. As the saying goes, the customer is God, but how can you satisfy God? Today, I will mention a few points for this purpose, I hope it can be helpful to all friends who open stores

1.The first point We must consider from the customer's point of view, that is, empathy, such as every suggestion you make, every service project, look at the customer's acceptance ability, do not think from your own point of view

How do hairdressers win repeat business?

2.Second, we should not have a hidden system in the store to deceive customers

3.The third point is very important, our customers are very unfamiliar with the feeling of beauty, so we must patiently listen to customers' opinions, and at the same time educate and change their wrong ideas.

4.The fourth point We have to deal with many difficult problems raised by customers, if we can't solve them ourselves, we can learn from the abilities of others, such as doctors or others, etc., so as a hairdressing shop supervisor or hairdresser in addition to having professional hairdressing knowledge, we must also have interpersonal and social relationships

5.The fifth point is to pursue a sense of security, not only to irresponsibly pursue profiteering and results


6.Point 6 With the above things, our customers will feel comfortable spending in your


7.Seventh point We also want to let the customer give her a very solemn feeling when serving or entering the store.

8. We must make customers recognized, that is, feel like a family in the store.

9.In addition to respecting her feelings, we must pay attention to every opinion and request put forward by customers, do not listen to it, this is a good mirror as a manager, let customers check us

10.The tenth point We must reasonably deal with customer complaints and complaints, we must try to solve them as soon as possible, and if our ability cannot solve them, we must also give customers a specific solution time


How do hairdressers win repeat business?

11.The eleventh point We need to allocate the time when customers arrive at the store and don't make customers wait too long.

12.Because we are all hairdressers and have the word "division", we must know that this is a service that represents our noble and respected human beings, so, As a professional hairdresser, we must enrich ourselves through our own efforts

13.The thirteenth point Finally, our reception, including our service, must have a good hospitality attitude