What should I do if my hairdresser encounters a bottleneck?

What should I do if my hairdresser encounters a bottleneck?
Dec 16, 2022admin

What should I do if my hairdresser encounters a bottleneck?

With the progress of the times and the rise of the Internet, the traditional hairdressing industry has encountered more and more problems, and the barriers encountered have become stronger, so to speak, the development of the traditional hairdressing industry has slowly entered a bottleneck period. So how do we break through. Let's take a look with the editor.

Grasp your own positioning, don't blindly follow the trend

The hairdressing industry is an industry linked to fashion in the current society, but this is a real traditional industry, and this industry needs some precipitation. The trend orientation of the market is ever-changing, too trendy, too attached to the market hot spots, you will lose yourself in the constant change, forget the original intention, forget the authenticity. The fast-paced characteristics of this industry are like a huge wheel, so that the entire industry people involuntarily accelerate forward, a large part of the people do not understand why, but most people do this, so follow the trend of the market running, but such a confused chase, the final result is eliminated. Therefore, you can't cater too much to the market, but you can't know the market, you must really see your positioning. In fact, the most essential orientation of the market eventually returns to traditional technology.

What should I do if the hairdressing shop encounters a bottleneck?_Industry

Break industry barriers and move forward with interactive learning

In such an industry that relies on inheritance, there is a very embarrassing scene, "teaching apprentices starving masters", so many people are reluctant to teach technology to others. This situation is worth reflecting, a conservative, refusal to communicate industry will not go far. When the apprentice chooses to leave after learning the master's craft, it is because the apprentice feels the limitations of the master's technology, so even if it is a hairdressing master, the technology and aesthetics still need to continue to improve, not stagnate, otherwise sooner or later it will be eliminated by the market. The group adheres to the principle of "endless learning" in technology and has specially established a stable training mechanism. For apprentices, after entering the portfolio, a special annual study plan will be drawn up, which technologies and courses will be learned at each stage, and regular assessments will be carried out; For hairdressers who have matured their skills, the group will also arrange regular learning courses for them to continuously improve.

what should I do if the hairdressing shop encounters a bottleneck?_Industry

Refuse to rest on our laurels and share open communication

It is not easy to stick to it, and it is even more difficult to keep pace with the times. On the one hand, the wind direction of the hairdressing industry is changeable, on the other hand, it is too "content with the status quo", relying on craftsmanship and technology, and vocational skills are too single. But in today's Internet era, beauty industry people also need to "open their eyes to the world": to understand the market and understand consumer psychology, the Internet is a good entry point. On the basis of training traditional technologies, a large part of the group's focus is tilted towards network management learning. Through the network, we continue to input the most popular trends, the most high-end technology and the most advanced management concepts into practice at the international frontier, and actively communicate and share with industry peers to make common progress.