How do hairdressing franchises retain customers? _How to open a hairdressing franchise store

How do hairdressing franchises retain customers? _How to open a hairdressing franchise store
Dec 19, 2022admin

How do hairdressing franchises retain customers?

How do hairdressing franchises cultivate fresh customers and retain regular customers? Do you know? There are many tricks to this. Today I will share it with you.

1. Distribute business cards and sell yourself all the time. Get up 1 hour early, send 100 business cards, carry with you on the bus and subway, and serve a guest with at least 3 business cards.

How do hairdressing franchises retain customers?

2, online appointment, buy a notebook, online plus the area online guests, release advertising information, the network is a sign of social progress, do not reverse use, create folders, save hairstyle pictures, than using hairstyle books to communicate with guests more professionally.

3. Personal image. Dress in different styles, do not expose your financial situation, you are poor, decide that your customer base is also poor; You're rich, and your customer base knows who you're dealing with and how you're spending. Wearing formal clothes on Saturdays and Sundays, gentlemanly demeanor, many guests, feeling different.

4. Improve learning ability. When your single customer is 5-8 a day, be sure to study for a few days, and increase the unit price after returning, and 60% of the customers will be retained to follow you, plus there is demand in the store, enough for you to enjoy. Profit is equal to the unit price multiplied by the number of customers, the unit price of customers increases, the number of customers decreases, the income does not decrease, your guests are well served, professional technology and proportional to the guests served. Improve your professional knowledge, constantly learn new professional techniques, have a master style, and make money is not so hard.

5. Improve time management and arrange your time reasonably. Carefully study the consumption psychology of female guests, not only to be a guest hairstylist, but also to act as a guest's blue face confidant. Not late, not leaving early, appointments to arrive early, women like the feeling of being waited for, booking guests, must be punctual.

6. Establish your own customer hairstyle design data, update the hairstyles of old guests at any time, analyze the next hairstyle design concept for guests, give guests a desire, you do not change, guests change you.

7. Telephone return visit. The hairdressing service is not in progress, but after the guest leaves, the service has just begun, and the return visit after 3 days, patiently consult and listen to the needs and opinions of the guest; 28 days call back, make an appointment for a haircut, don't be kidnapped by neighbors at a discount. Two months appointment for hair coloring; 3 months by appointment for perm time. Get the details right and you won't lose guests.

How do hairdressing franchises retain customers?

8. Find customer preferences and surprise customers from time to time. (small gifts, flowers, birthday gifts) to their liking, reservation guests should buy breakfast and lunch in advance, (this is what I prepared for you in advance) on-site preparation feels bad.

9. Love the house and Wu, and take the people around guests seriously. In this way, she feels very faced, and the guest is the embodiment of the success of the hairstylist.

10. Increase knowledge. Understanding different brand knowledge, philosophical interpersonal relationships, psychology, gender knowledge, etc., can improve the level of communication, when the technology reaches a certain level, you are reluctant to talk about professional topics, which is also the demand of the customer base.