What are the factors that have to be considered to open a hairdressing shop? _district

What are the factors that have to be considered to open a hairdressing shop? _district
Dec 18, 2022admin

What are the factors that have to be considered to open a hairdressing shop?

"A good start is half the success," for a hairdressing franchise store, choosing a suitable address is the first problem to solve, which can not only achieve the effect of multiplying the results with half the effort, but also increase the flow of customers and promote the performance of the store. On this basis, how should I choose between the store address? Or, how can you be successful when choosing a site? Among them, what are the factors that must be considered?

Near commercial districts and large supermarkets.

What are the factors that have to be considered to open a hairdressing shop?_Location

This kind of lot is entertainment, catering, shopping area, customers' consumption demand is mainly in eating, drinking, and pleasing to the eye, so it is suitable for the development of small, medium and large hair salons. Because the flow of people in these places is relatively stable, the daily flow of customers is relatively fixed, which is conducive to the survival of hair salons and the establishment of brands.

Where office buildings, institutions, and shops are concentrated

This type of lot is a place where office workers are concentrated, and the purpose of visiting hair salons is because of convenient transportation, if hair salons can make their own style and characteristics, improve technical capabilities and service quality, customers in the vicinity will be attracted here, and customers have very high potential spending power.

Near the university town

This kind of lot is located near the location of the school, the motivation of students to come to the salon is mainly the external beautiful or good-looking demand, the amount of customers is very large, suitable for small card items, small package model, should be for the needs of students, provide appropriate services and activity plans, daily store turnover will be relatively high, but during the winter and summer holidays is when the business is light, need to be flexible.

Residential area

The customers of this lot are residents of the residential area and nearby, mainly housewives, and include other members of the family on holidays and off-hours. The characteristics of this lot are that the base of family mobilization consumption is large, the frequency is high, it is very easy to generate good trust and relationships, and any salon that can provide good services for family life can achieve better development.

Suburban Lot

This area used to be considered a less desirable location for opening a shop, but now the commercial value of the suburban area is rising due to the rapid development of the city and the large increase in vehicles.

What factors have to be considered to open a hairdressing shop?_Location

There is considerable potential in the suburban areas of China's large cities, and many suburban areas with small populations will become bustling community centers with the development of urban construction. Small hair salons in large cities can be considered for second- and third-tier cities.

Near the station

Near the long-distance bus station, train station, and subway station, it is an area where there is a high concentration of travelers, and it is suitable for hair salons. The location is characterized by the fact that the customers here are mainly travelers who use the car, which is very different from office workers and students, and due to the large flow of people, this location has a high commercial value, especially suitable for the development of small and medium-sized hair salons.