Manage the hairdressing shop and grasp the scale!

Manage the hairdressing shop and grasp the scale!
Dec 18, 2022admin

Manage the hairdressing shop and grasp the scale!

Management is a "delicate job", you must grasp the balance between loose management and tightness, grasp the scale: too loose leads to the looseness of the spirit of employees and the loss of control of the situation, too tight will stifle passion and creativity. One loose and one tight, reflecting the realm of management art.

1: We must establish the management idea that the system is above all

manage the hairdressing shop to grasp the scale!_Employees

System is the cornerstone of an organization's normal functioning. The management of the system that tramples on at will is doomed to failure. The most taboo and most common mistake for managers is to put personal will above the system, and in the long run, the system is useless, and the behavior of employees and the operation of the organization will inevitably produce irreversible deviations.

S2: management has prestige, management will produce results

System is a benchmark of management, but having a system and doing things according to the system does not mean that all problems have been solved, and the personal prestige of managers also has a decisive impact on the effectiveness of management. Of course, establishing prestige does not happen overnight. Managers need to grasp themselves in many aspects.

3: A bowl of water is a management key that managers should always read

In fact, the general employee is not high in terms of requirements for managers, it is easy to be satisfied, as long as you treat every employee fairly and justly, accurately and objectively evaluate the work performance of employees, he is very willing to obey your management. "A bowl of water is flat" is a righteous deed saying that ordinary people often chant, and this is also the management decision that managers should always read.

4: Harmonious superior-subordinate relationship is the lubricant to improve management efficiency

If subordinates are disgusted with their superiors and have a belly of opinions, then the manager's management effectiveness is greatly reduced; On the contrary, if the relationship between superiors and subordinates is harmonious, and subordinates always accept tasks in a happy mood and do their best to complete them, the results will naturally be very different. As a manager, you must know how to care for and care for your subordinates and be an intimate person for employees, so that a harmonious relationship between superiors and subordinates will come unexpectedly.

Manage the hairdressing shop to grasp the scale!_Employees

5: Smooth communication can avoid management stagnation

When it comes to communication, some managers shake their heads: I give the order to execute it below, and it doesn't matter if communication is not communicated; Besides, I have so many things to deal with every day, where is there time to communicate? In fact, this common idea of managers is the cause of many obstacles in the management process. Without communication, it is impossible to understand the real thoughts of subordinates and the real situation of enterprise operation, and artificially widen the distance between employees and employees, which is really an undesirable practice for smart managers.