How do you keep repeat customers in the styling salon?

How do you keep repeat customers in the styling salon?
May 27, 2023admin

The beauty industry is now one of the profitable industries in China, and the most profitable one in the beauty industry is hairdressing. Korean fashion is very popular in China and even all over the world. Both men and women will decide their styling according to Korean fashion. It can be said that Korea is the fashion vane of hairdressing. Now joining as a hairdresser is a relatively large investment, but after the success of the more profitable industry. If you want to be a good hairdresser, you need to retain customers and have a good reputation among consumers. So what should hairdressers do if they want to keep repeat customers?

1. The environment of the hair salon

First of all, the first thing the customer sees after entering the salon is the atmosphere in the salon. Customers come to the salon not only to do styling, but also hope to relax in the salon. Therefore, it is very important that the environment of the hair salon should be kept clean and tidy and the service should be professional. If a little bit does not meet the customer's ideal standard, it will make the customer feel very dissatisfied, it will increase the customer's disgust, and this will affect the reputation of the hairdresser. Therefore, when the hairdresser is decorating, we must design a decoration style that conforms to their aesthetic appreciation according to the appreciation level of most of our target customers, and the furnishings or designs in the store should also meet the aesthetic standards of the public. at the same time, we should also pay attention to a warm and comfortable feeling in the background music and lighting design.

2. Service personnel

Usually, whether the friendship between two people can go on depends on whether the first impression is favorable or not. In this way, first of all, after the customer enters the hairdresser's salon, the hairdresser should seize the opportunity to give the customer a perfect first impression, and then have a good conversation with each other. Only in this way will the customer become a second customer and introduce friends and relatives to come and spend. It has formed a good reputation in his circle of friends. If the hairdresser does not give the customer a good first impression, it will directly lead to the loss of customers. Therefore, when recruiting hairdressers, hairdressers must carry out professional training, including training in all aspects such as image temperament, language communication skills, professional and technical techniques, and so on, and improve the quality and self-cultivation of hairdressers in all aspects. only in this way can we give customers a good impression.

3. Meet the needs of customers

A successful hairdresser wants to retain customers, in addition to providing customers with a professional service environment and enthusiastic attitude, the most important thing is to find ways to meet the needs of customers. no matter how luxurious the decoration of a hairdresser is and no matter how good the hairdresser's technology is, it won't help if you can't meet the needs of your customers. customers won't choose to do hairdressing for the second time after being tricked again. Therefore, hairdressers should communicate with customers before hairdressing, really understand their ideas and needs, patiently put forward suggestions, and then recommend the most suitable hairstyle or products to customers according to the real situation. it can begin with the consent of the customer. It has to be said that the technology of hairdressers is also a vital part. Now many customers are willing to choose hairdressers who need extra fees, such as design directors or store managers, to design their own hairstyles. The most important thing for hairdressers is to make their customers satisfied, so that they can have the opportunity to retain customers.

4. Serve customers carefully

Everyone knows that details determine success or failure, but how many hairdressers can really pay attention to detail all the time? In the hair salon to pay attention to details is even more important, in many details to pay attention to customers' ideas, constantly update and improve the details of the hairdresser's services, hairdressers should use their own patience and carefulness to move customers.

With the development of the times, people's pursuit of beauty will be better and higher. In the eyes of consumers, what can really impress them is the high-quality service. Now there are countless hairdressers, and there are plenty of large and small hair salons on the street. If you want to beat your opponent, you must start with the details and let the customer see the hairdresser's sincerity and intention. In order to form a good reputation and retain repeat customers.

How do you keep repeat customers in the styling salon?

After you do your hair at the styling salon, have you ever had the question: why don't I come here anymore? Why did I choose to go to another hair salon? In the styling and hairdressing industry, repeat customers are very important, so today we will discuss how to retain customers.

First of all, everyone wants to get careful and patient service, especially in the styling salon. Therefore, it is very important to provide good service to meet the needs of customers. Whether it's suggestions for haircuts or explanations for hair care products, creating a pleasant atmosphere can make customers feel comfortable and concerned. Therefore, the service here needs to be mastered by you.

Second, styling salons must keep pace with the times, keep up with the trend and launch the latest hairstyles and hair care programs, which is very important. The design team needs to constantly update and improve their skills to keep the hair salon in a leading position and win the favor of customers. Hairstyles can vary depending on the shape and style of the customer's face, but in the final analysis, dressing up will make everyone happy.

At the same time, price is an important factor for repeat customers to pay attention to. Ensure that the price is fair and reasonable, and give customers some flexibility and choice, so that people have the willingness and ability to visit frequently. Of course, the price does not represent the whole service. As mentioned earlier, good service and technology also require the support of suppliers and the hiring of excellent professionals.

Finally, among all hairdressing points of sale, this is a place where you can achieve more in terms of seducing customers, such as promoting hair-related hair care products, air purifiers and other products. Every customer needs to get hair care knowledge from experts and understand their own hair care needs. Through this conversation, let them know that the products they buy are based on their needs, not led by salespeople. This subtle concern and attention will affect customers' final consumption decisions.