How many people miss out on the location of the hairdressing shop!

How many people miss out on the location of the hairdressing shop!
Dec 29, 2022admin

How many people miss out on the location of the hairdressing shop!

Opening a hairdressing shop is currently an investment and financial management method favored by many hairdressing designers and friends who invest in the hairdressing industry. And to open a hairdressing shop, the first thing that comes to mind is, how to choose a good location? Today, we will share with you the key points of hairdressing salon location.

1. choose a location according to economic benefits

The purpose of opening a hairdressing shop is to make money. As an important step in opening a hairdressing shop, the ultimate goal of site selection is also to obtain business benefits. Therefore, the primary criterion for measuring the quality of a store location is whether it is conducive to operation and maximizes efficiency. Without the hard indicator of economic efficiency, even the most advantageous location is not the location of a successful store. The choice of store location is consistent with the business direction of the target consumers of the location.

How many people miss out on the location of the hairdressing shop!

2. Location selection according to business type

The amount of investment and consumer group positioning in the initial stage of operation determine the type of hairdressing shop. If the hairdressing shop you open is a membership club, you can choose a location in a commercial area, downtown area, and office building; If your hairdressing shop is community-based, you can choose a location in a residential area, a mixed office and residential area. Choose the right location based on the type of hairdresser.

3. according to customer analysis site selection

If you want to open a hairdressing shop in a residential area, but not every residential area is suitable for you to open a hairdressing shop, you should know more about the location before choosing a location, look at the basic situation of residents in the target community or neighboring communities, analyze the population, consumption level, etc., the more you understand the situation, the more conducive to the development of your store.

4. analyze the location based on competitors

If you are optimistic about a lot in a certain area, do not rush to make a decision at this time. You should also learn more about your competitors in the region and how they operate. If you plan to open a hairdressing shop, first find out how many hairdressing shops are in the area, whether the area is saturated, how many competitors there are, understand their strengths and weaknesses, see if your strength can compete with it, and then decide whether to open a store in the area.

How many people miss out on the location of the hairdressing shop!

5. Principle of customer convenience

For hairdressing shops, there are customers to have everything. Therefore, before choosing the location of the hairdressing shop, it is necessary to analyze the distribution and flow characteristics of the target customers, so as to determine the location of the hairdressing shop. Convenience customers should vary from time to time and place, take into account the needs and consumption habits of most customers, make reasonable use of the "aggregation effect", and strive to provide a better consumption environment for more customers. It is from this principle that most hairdressers choose the address of hairdressing shops in urban prosperous areas, urban arteries and transportation hub areas, near residential areas and suburban traffic arteries and other densely populated and convenient transportation areas.