What causes hair loss problems?

What causes hair loss problems?
Dec 29, 2022admin

What causes hair loss problems?

The problem of hair loss occurs from time to time regardless of men and women, hair loss is very common, and the direct consequence of hair loss is baldness, which seriously affects the beauty and will also appear old. There are different causes of hair loss at different ages, and the elderly are prone to hair loss because they are older, and all aspects of body functions have declined, which will cause this phenomenon; And what about young people? Young people are in good health, and they should also think about the bad habits in their lives for hair loss. Hair loss is a very annoying thing for women who love beauty. Now I am here to talk to you about the causes of hair loss in young women, and I hope that female friends will pay attention to it.

1。 excessive use of air conditioning

What causes the problem?

Winter is a very dry season, there will always be peeling, dryness, and of course the hair will also be affected. Staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time, whether it is cold air or hot air, will become the culprit of hair, and long-term use of air conditioning will cause drier air, which will also cause hair loss. The air is not circulating, so that fresh air cannot be breathed, blood will not circulate, and it is not conducive to the growth of hair, and long-term use of air conditioning will even cause gray hair.

2. excessive weightloss

Weight loss will cause a large loss of nutrients in the body, resulting in a rapid decline in physical fitness, lack of nutrient supply in the body, natural hair can not keep up with nutrition, naturally lead to dry hair, yellow. The main component of hair contains a protein, which contains zinc, iron, the same trace elements, weight loss Many people just rely on vegetarian diets to maintain hunger, which lacks protein intake, resulting in poor hair effects and hair loss.

3. long-term exposure to the computer

People engaged in computer work, hair loss is now, because the radiation in the computer will continue to increase the excitability in the brain, but the endocrine system disorder related to hair growth, resulting in obstacles in the nutrient supply of hair, so that the hair becomes fragile or even falls out.

What causes the problem?

4. Long food spicy and greasy food

Spicy and greasy food itself has great side effects on the body, long-term consumption, so that the activity of the sebaceous glands becomes too vigorous and blocks the patency of hair follicles, so that the hair dries out and causes hair loss.

5. Take the pill often

The contraceptive pill contains male hormones, which will make the hair black and beautiful in the short term after taking it, and once you stop taking it, the female hormones in the body will suddenly drop, which is the normal phenomenon of normal maternal postpartum hair loss.