How to choose a good location for a hairdressing shop?

How to choose a good location for a hairdressing shop?
Dec 27, 2022admin

How to choose a good location for a hairdressing shop?

Since the beauty industry became a development boom, the hairdressing industry has also become a hot industry. Since its development, hairdressing shops have won the favor of many investors, and the form is also changing from traditional models to new models. With the growing strength of the hairdressing industry, the number of hairdressing shops is also growing year by year, so more and more people began to join in the form of hairdressing to get more support, then after choosing a hairdressing brand to join, of course, to determine the address of the hairdressing shop, for the hairdressing shop address choice can not be underestimated! It is related to the future development direction of the hairdressing shop. Let's talk about the relevant issues that should be considered when choosing a location for a hairdresser.

Ⅰ. Location selection

How to choose a good location for a hairdressing shop?

We all know that the commercial circle, with a large flow of people, can not only bring a certain source of customers to their own hairdressing franchise stores, but also promote the future development of hairdressing shops and improve their competitiveness, but they also face problems such as rent, water and electricity. Regarding the choice of specific location, it is mainly considered from the following aspects:

1. Street

The commercial circle is also a large area, if the hairdressing shop is located on the street, is it located on the fork road or the main road? This of course requires a clear plan, because the traffic of the main road is definitely better than the fork in the road. Therefore, in the selection of hairdressing shops, it is first necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination of this situation.


Property, mainly including the rent of the location of the store. If your rent is much greater than your income, then this will create an imbalance between income and expenditure, which of course will not bring profit to your store, but on the contrary, it will make it difficult for your store to survive. Therefore, in the case of choosing a store, you should weigh the property costs, rely on your own development and your own situation, and choose your own suitable store.

II. Commercial Conditions

Of course, in the selection of hairdressing shop addresses, the commercial conditions it has should also be considered. If there is no spending power nearby, or the spending power is very low, far from making your income and expenditure balance, this is not worth the loss!

1. Transportation

The location of the hairdressing shop is important, and whether its transportation is convenient is another reason to consider. Usually, we will also see the distribution of hairdressing shops in railway stations, supermarkets and other locations, mainly because there are enough convenient transportation conditions in the vicinity to bring a certain source of customers to their hairdressing franchise stores.

How to choose a good location for a hairdressing shop?

2. Facilities

The facilities mentioned here mainly include the equipment of basic facilities, such as water, electricity, fire hydrants and so on. We know that the need for water and electricity in hairdressing shops is huge, so the guarantee of water and electricity is also the guarantee for the operation of hairdressing shops. Also, Why is fire hydrant mentioned? Mainly because the weather is dry now, the hairdressing industry needs to be equipped with safety equipment to ensure the safety of customers, so as to win the trust of customers.