How to do the initial publicity activities of the hairdressing shop?

How to do the initial publicity activities of the hairdressing shop?
Dec 26, 2022admin

How to do the initial publicity activities of the hairdressing shop?

It is very necessary to prepare for the opening of a hair salon. The initial publicity campaign can usher in a good start, accumulate customers for future operations, and start a good start. So, what should hair salons do in the early days of opening? At the beginning of the opening, the criteria for choosing a hair salon should be based on the client. Activities should be organized around the following points:

1.Store advertising

Our customers are close to us, but they don't know us. So, what can be the easiest way to let customers know us, is to use our usual various store advertising.

How to do the initial publicity activities of the hairdressing shop?

Front-of-store advertising is a window reflecting the comprehensive quality of a store, and the hygiene around the store is an important factor for customers to examine the consumption environment; Never put up posters in the traditional way (such as red paper), always have a pencil and white wax paper in the store, and whenever a new event or announcement needs to be notified to customers, it can be posted in a fixed location; At the door of the store, we can let customers know some information they are interested in, such as charging standards, services and technical content, so as to attract customers.

Store advertisements are set up for people coming and going, and bright colors should be used to attract people. The content is mostly offers, promotional announcements and seasonal beauty knowledge. The purpose of the store advertisement is to give a clear impression to pedestrians, and to understand the content and style of the store's operation.

2. Distribution of promotional materials

Promotional materials can be coupons, vouchers, or purely about beauty knowledge, designed to keep customers up to date with the latest beauty knowledge to generate interest and attract their attention.

3. Heterogeneous alliance advertising

It is always a smarter way to let heterogeneous operators promote our services in the form of thanking customers, and you must find a mutually beneficial model to use this method, otherwise no one will promote it for you.

Here are a few ways to form alliances:

Those who shop (spend) at their stores up to ××× yuan can participate in the store's prize activities;

Q&A or sweepstakes;

Those who shop (spend) at their stores up to ××× yuan will receive a voucher worth how many yuan the store is worth;

Regular customers of our store can get a ticket for the company's customer activities.

There are many methods available, but these methods must have one thing in common, that is, they can really bring practical benefits to the beauty salon.

4. Find customers internally

When you have a good idea, you think of sharing it with your friends. When you have a good beauty idea, why don't you share it with your friends, just because the business is your own?

What you need most when opening is popularity, let your friends enjoy your offers, if she has spending power, attract her to become your customer; If she doesn't have spending power, attract her to become your propagandist; Sharing your business with friends will gain the help and respect of your friends. Teach this method to your employees, let them also develop their own customers, give a loose commission policy, and will receive good results.

How to do the initial publicity activities of the hairdressing shop?

5. Newspaper advertising

Unless united, the necessity of newspaper advertising is not very large.

It should be noted that all opening activities are prepared to attract customers, but developing customers is not our ultimate goal, our purpose is to make a profit by guiding customers to consume, so it is important to cooperate with the consumption guidance work after customers enter the store.