How to choose the right furniture for the salon

How to choose the right furniture for the salon
Aug 28, 2020admin
When it's time to start furnishing your salon, whether you're starting or reinventing your salon's identity, it can be difficult to figure out everything you need. With the best tips for choosing the right furniture for your salon, interior decoration and equipment placement become a breeze. The sooner you pick out all the furniture you need, the sooner you'll be in business.

Think about your audience from a customer perspective

The furniture you choose for your salon should appeal to the clients you intend to impress. For example, if you plan to open a salon that is suitable for families, you should have furniture that reflects this. Engage your audience with the atmosphere and products you sell. Don't forget to decorate your walls with images that reflect your business.
The typical price of services in the salon should also be reflected in your décor and furniture. Customers with higher budgets often prefer a sleeker, cleaner atmosphere; On the other hand, a comfortable, rustic atmosphere may be more suitable for everyday customers. The overall design and atmosphere ultimately depend on you, as service is ultimately crucial for the customer.

Choose Quality and Trustworthy Manufacturers

When buying salon furniture, the last thing you do is be deceived by cheap materials or mechanical equipment. Choose a business that offers you a warranty or guarantees that the furniture you choose is of good quality and will be in good condition while you use it. Reviews can also point you in the right direction to buy quality furniture, but be thoughtful as you scroll through.

Warranty is essential for salon furniture. Look for businesses that offer long-term warranties, including repairs. If they include both the interior and mechanical structure of the chair in the warranty, that's the best-case scenario. The Salon Equipment comes with a 1-3 year warranty on all products, which is the best in the industry.
Even though it may be more expensive, quality salon furniture will last you a long time and ultimately save you the money you have to spend to replace cheap furniture.

Find the Necessities for Your Services

Some salon services require special equipment that needs to be purchased from salon-specific manufacturers. Furniture such as salon modeling tables can come in many different styles and colors, so they can match your theme. The styling station can also provide you with storage or shelves to maximize your limited space. Equipment such as sinks, drying chairs, and salon chairs are also essential for your hair salon business. Salon chairs can add another level of style choices because you can choose the color and make of the chair. Maybe you want to use a barber chair instead of a salon chair – it all depends on your designer's eyes.

For any successful beauty salon, special equipment such as manicure tables, pedicures and massage tables or chairs are a must. Even if you rarely buy certain services, you should have your equipment ready just in case. You never know when business will flourish in a surprising area of your salon.

Lighting design

You may not think about it often, but the lighting of a salon can greatly affect the mood of the customer and the accuracy of a haircut or beauty procedure. While mood lighting can be pleasing to the eye, leave it in the reception room if you have one. Always keep the salon area well lit. It may be tempting to want dramatic lighting, but it's not practical. One solution is to use optional dramatic lighting that can be turned on when the main light is off or dimmed. Once you're done observing your customers, let them see themselves under regular lighting and dramatic lighting.
Dramatic lighting can come in the form of lights on a modeling table or floor lamps that you can move around. If your work area is small, install a dimmer switch to add style.

Look for wholesale deals

If you're just starting out in the salon business, package deals can save you a lot of money when it comes to choosing the right furniture for your salon. Some manufacturers, such as Tasalon, offer the multiple pieces of furniture and equipment you need at one umbrella price. Package may be cheaper than buying all the furniture separately; As with any good deal, though, make sure to do the math yourself before buying.

Prepare Your Reception Room

When considering setting up your reception or waiting room, imagine it to the fullest. Are all customers comfortable while waiting? How can it be better? Various furniture is available for you to sit in, such as sofas for those who come in together and chairs for those who come alone. A beverage station like a water cooler or coffee maker is a good idea – it may just need to do more cleaning on your behalf. Place a magazine holder for your style guide or regular magazine. If you run a family-friendly salon, bring some toys with you for the kids to play with while they wait. However, magazines and toys should only be left outside when it is safe and should be disinfected frequently when they can be released.
In addition to making your customers comfortable, don't forget to place shelves to sell cooperative products. Customers who have to wait may browse through the products and decide to buy them.
Remember to make your receptionist comfortable too. Give the front desk enough space to be comfortable and safe. The desk should face the entrance to the salon so that the receptionist can greet customers as they enter. Provide your receptionist with appropriate work equipment, such as up-to-date computers and physical storage of documents.

Keep Your Theme

Your theme adds personality to your business, so keep all your furniture matching the theme or mood you want. Some themes may be memorable or attract more customers. Try to avoid theme mismatches or furniture that doesn't fit. Some things are inevitable, like modern equipment in antique themed salons, but there are ways to make furniture look like it belongs. Get creative with your designs!
Finding furniture can be the most exciting part of opening a salon. If you're looking for a trusted family business to help you with this part of your journey, look no further than Tasalon. We have real deal products and beginner-friendly warranties and repayment plans to make your salon thrive.