The pedicure chair is properly disinfected and routinely maintained

The pedicure chair is properly disinfected and routinely maintained
Sep 03, 2020admin
Feet can contain many infectious diseases, from diseases to fungi, which may not always show obvious signs of infection. Ensuring proper disinfection of pedicure equipment is essential to running a successful salon. Knowing how to properly sanitize a pedicure chair will keep you and your clients safe from any contagious foot disease and will help you with general post-appointment chores.

Before serving

Before you start your pedicure, check your client's foot for any worrisome injuries. Open ulcers or crusts put customers at risk of bacterial skin infections during washing. Even if you do a good job of disinfecting your pedicure basin, even if your customers fuss about it, it's not worth the risk. Stick to your health. Any infection from your customers will skyrocket your reputation.
You should also look for nail fungi and warts that your customers may not know about. If you do a pedicure, nail fungus will need to be disinfected a lot, and clients should take care of warts before their pedicure as they can be highly contagious.

Foot wash before performing any wax or pedicure treatment to avoid open sores or cuts in the washbasin.

After service

After each client, make sure to properly drain the water from the chair washbasin. Remove any debris you can see. Then, wash the basin with clean hot water and soap and drain again. After washing with soap and water, use an EPA hospital standard disinfectant and let it sit for ten minutes. The label tells you if it's EPA approved and may list different amounts of time, as well as the types of bacteria the product killed. If the time on the label is shorter, that's fine, as long as it's still approved by the EPA. After the correct amount of time, drain the disinfectant and rinse the basin with water. If you're using a whirlpool or jet footbasin, you may need to run nozzles to circulate the disinfectant through the system.
Disinfect chairs and ottomans with disinfectant wipes or soap and water. If your chair is leather, be sure to follow the correct leather cleaning instructions.

After closing every day

Be sure to clean the basin one last time before you go home. If you have a simple basin, you just need to follow the same instructions to disinfect after each client. For more complex basins, clean all removable parts individually and scrub with soap and water. After scrubbing, follow the "post-customer" procedure for spraying washbasins.
Some states may require weekly bleach washing of jet washbasins. Pay attention to the regulations of these countries. Equipment may include instructions detailing how to properly disinfect the pedicure chair.
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