How to properly care for and maintain a styling chair

How to properly care for and maintain a styling chair
Sep 10, 2020admin
Styling chairs are the core of hair salons. Styling chairs are used the most per weekday and need to be taken care of by you. With proper care and maintenance of the styling chairs, they will remain strong in your business. Customers are always looking forward to sitting in your well-maintained styling chair for hairstyling and enjoying the time they are served.

Keep it clean first

Although you can take extra precautions to ensure that the chair stays clean during the styling process, accidents do happen. Clean and sanitize chairs after each client – you should always do this, but this is especially necessary during a pandemic. Cleaning your chair after each client will allow you to check for stains and spills or leftover hair that you didn't notice before. What you use to clean the chair depends on what material it's made of, so be careful not to use harsh, destructive cleaning techniques on more fragile materials like leather.

Check the hydraulic system and other components

Your styling chair relies on hydraulic pumps to maintain the proper height for your customers. If this part is not taken care of correctly, the whole styling chair is nothing more than a chair. Make sure the part remains lubricated by pumping it all the way up and down at least once a day. You may not use every height that the chair offers very often, but you still don't want it stuck to the closed state.
Another way to relax the hydraulic pump is to lower the chair after each customer. Raise the chair only when the customer is in it; Do not allow customers to step on the footstool into the chair as this will put unnecessary pressure on the hydraulic pump.

Both Tasalon's salon and barber chair use Japanese-made hydraulic pumps that are of higher quality than cheaper alternatives offered in other locations. Our pumps are guaranteed to be durable and can withstand up to 700 pounds.

Regularly inspect replacement damage

The sooner you notice damage to the styling chair, the faster it will be repaired. Leaving damage on a chair, no matter how small, will only cause it to deteriorate due to unrepaired. Before trying to fix it yourself or hire someone, see if the damage is covered by your chair's warranty. If you don't have to pay for a damaged chair repair, it can save you valuable money. Even if you do proper care and maintenance of your modeling chair, unforeseen damage can undermine your efforts to extend the life of your chair. Not to mention, damage can cause discomfort when sitting in a chair.