How to do a good job of performance analysis

How to do a good job of performance analysis
Dec 28, 2022admin

How to do a good job of performance analysis

Learning to analyze the performance of the store is a big help in the management of hairdressing shops, and it is also an important basis for hairdressing shops in the future. Performance figures are very important for hairdressing operators, which represent not only daily, monthly and annual sales profits and losses, but also important tools for hairdressing business management. So what is the performance analysis of hairdressing shops. It is based on the needs of the site, according to the cause and growth of performance, the root cause of decline, the steps and methods of performance generation one by one. It enables operators to understand the overall situation of the store at a glance, and clarify the direction for future operation and management.

How to do a good job of hairdressing shop performance analysis?

The first step is to establish basic performance information, which should be sorted out from daily bills, daily statements, and monthly statements. You can clearly understand the business amount and customer distribution of each hairdresser in the store, as well as the ratio of fixed customers to new customers. In order to clearly understand the current situation of the store and its designers and the focus of future efforts. Therefore, the basic performance data is complete, and there is a basis to find the basis for judgment and analysis.

How to do a good job of performance analysis

The second step is to do customer consumption analysis. After the steps are done, we need to analyze the general market environment outside the hairdressing shop - customers. The so-called customer consumption analysis is to stand in the customer's perspective and position and think about the different reactions that may occur in different situations. Why customers come to this hairdresser. Find out why customers are spending and what makes our store appealing. Then, mobile and regular customers are analyzed.

1. Reasons for mobile customers' consumption

1) The price is high or low

This refers to the price of washing hair. If your hairdresser's unit price is lower than that of nearby hairdressers, there will be a lot more mobile customers than other shops. Because the consumption items of mobile customers are mainly shampoo, the price will become the focus of consideration for customers to enter the store.

2) Reasons for location

Whether the business district where the hairdresser shop is located is a crowded place and whether the transportation is convenient are all reasons that affect the number of unfixed customer sources.

3) The establishment of word of mouth

Word of mouth is an advertisement that does not cost money, and has a good effect and is long-lasting. Whether it is the word of mouth of technology or the word of mouth of service, it can arouse the curiosity of customers and further attract customers to enter the door.

The above points are important factors that determine the source of mobile customers in hairdressing shops, and the number of mobile customers is the key to determining the difficulty of hairdressing salon operation. This is one of the issues that store owners must consider.

How to do a good job of performance analysis

2. The element of mobile customers becoming regular customers

After the mobile customers enter the door, what is the reason why they are willing to come back and become regular customers? On the whole, whether the environment is clean and comfortable, whether it provides popular and beautiful information, whether the technology is satisfactory, etc. are the factors that affect customers' repurchase.

Tip: Whether the blowing technology is satisfactory or not is an important factor affecting whether mobile customers will return to the store and become regular customers. Because customers go to the hairdressing shop to consume, the focus is on hairdressing, especially before mobile customers enter the door, they do not understand the actual situation in the store, so the requirement is hairdressing technology. At present, most mobile customers are using hair washing as a tentative consumption, if the hair blowing technology can satisfy the mobile customers, customers will naturally not be lost. The main reason why regular customers repeatedly return to consume is the delicacy and feeling of service. Because the technology has been tested in the mobile customer stage, after becoming a regular customer, the technology has been generally affirmed, and the next thing required is the level of service.

To sum up, a good performance analysis is what every hairdressing operator needs. Only by constantly improving store management and improving hairdressing shop services, your hairdressing shop performance will surely rise!

Now I have learned to use data to analyze the performance of salon shops, which is of great help to the management of hairdressing shops and an important basis for the operation of hairdressing shops in the future. Tasalon provides professional salon furniture equipment to provide quality products for your salon.