How to improve the service quality of barber franchise shops

How to improve the service quality of barber franchise shops
Mar 17, 2023admin

Barbershop as a service industry, everything is of course to service, so want to improve the quality of barbershop service, we should consider more from the details, there are many barbershops pay special attention to decoration, but ignore the service, although customers first look at the barbershop environment, but customers care more about the service, although your barbershop environment is very good, However, customers who do not feel the quality of service after experiencing beauty will certainly not become repeat customers of barbershops. So what should barbershops improve the quality of service? The following with the elegant Xuan Xiaobian to understand it.

First of all, in order to improve the quality, the barbershop owner should do a good job in staff management and set up a good management system to supervise the service of the staff. For example, insist on holding morning meetings. Every morning staff can hold morning meetings in turn, and everyone can have the opportunity to host. It also allows everyone to plan their day. In addition to the morning meeting, every employee should check their own grooming and appearance during work, uniform dress can make customers feel professional barber shop, ladies should light makeup, neither let the discourteous, nor make customers feel uncomfortable, every night take some time to summarize the day's work, do good timely praise, do not do bad timely give correction, Make sure that every day is not wasted.

Secondly, do a good job in customer classification, in the process of slowly operating barbershop, the accumulation of customers will be more and more, if every customer simply rely on the hair stylist to remember with his brain, it is inevitable that he will not remember, if one day the customer comes again, but the hair stylist forgets, then it will give the customer a feeling that he is not valued. Therefore, for every customer entering the shop, hairdressers should keep a good record of customers, understand their needs and the effect of the first haircut. When the customer comes into the shop next time, you can easily call her name and make preparations for this time according to the situation of the customer last time. When the customer is remembered by the hairstylist, she will feel that she is respected by the barber shop. In order to build a better friendship with the stylist.

Finally, every time a customer comes to a haircut, it is best to make an appointment in advance, so that when receiving customers, you can prepare in advance, when receiving old customers, do not because they are familiar with each other, the service will be loose, but more cautious, old customers come to the barbershop before is because of the service of your barbershop, if your service is not in place, you will gradually lose this customer. It is precisely because you are familiar with old customers, so your service should be better, and old customers will also introduce more friends because you do not relax your service attitude.