How to manage the details of the hairdresser

How to manage the details of the hairdresser
Mar 15, 2023admin
How to manage the details of the hairdresser?
There is a saying that we can't be more familiar with, "details determine success or failure". For hairdressing franchise stores, operators should pay the most attention to the details management of the store. For example: reception methods, consultation methods, etc. In the process of operation, how should hairdressing operators manage the details of hairdressing shops? Share them for you now:

One. Management

1.Employee management
Employees, has always been a common problem for us. In daily life, the personnel demand of hairdressing franchise stores is relatively large, and the mobility of employees is also quite large. In the usual business management, it should first be considered as a hairdressing shop owner. When managing employees, it is necessary to train them first, and professional training can make employees know their responsibilities. In the process of training, it can also strengthen the professional quality of employees and improve their comprehensive ability. Different positions can be set up for employees, dedicated to special posts, which can not only allow the work to be carried out in an orderly manner, but also allow employees to exert their potential and promote the prosperity of the company's performance!
2. Customer management
Some people may have questions, we are mainly employees, why do we have to manage customers? In fact, this thinking is wrong. Employees need to manage, and just as customers need to be managed. Because customers are God, in addition to registering for them, they also need to be effectively maintained in order to lay the foundation for them to spend again. Hairdressing operators should always strengthen the management of customers and form a professional habit.
3. Business site management
In addition to employees, the business site situation is the customer's eye feeling. The "life and death at a glance" type of customer is not unreasonable. For each hairdressing franchise store, the floor and walls should always be kept clean, free of water stains, towels, tables and chairs are neatly arranged to give customers a comfortable feeling. As far as the entire store is concerned, it should be in a state of no peculiar smell and maintain a clear fragrance at all times.

Two. Service

When receiving employees, they should always pay attention to their tone and attitude, and keep smiling. Imagine if a customer comes to your store, but you are expressionless and blunt, which will also cause the customer to feel bad. Maybe this time because it has already come, I did not refuse your service, but the next time will never come again. Therefore, in the process of receiving customers, it represents the image of the store, and it is also the process of transmitting the concept of the store.
2. Washing, care, cutting, blowing service attitude
Washing, care, cutting, blowing,these steps are the process of hairstylists dealing with customers more frequently. And in the process? Hairstylists should always pay attention to their service attitude, understand the needs of customers, and meet the needs of customers as their responsibility. Because when customers enjoy service, they are also more psychologically sensitive, so you should let customers follow your thinking and give him respect. This makes it easier for the next exchange.