Hairdressers have what business skills!

Hairdressers have what business skills!
Mar 15, 2023admin

Hairdressers have what business skills!

First, be an all-round person

As a hairstylist, don't just know the knowledge of hairdressing technology, think that the people who enter the hairdressing shop to consume are different, different genders, different ages, different classes, different needs, and different ways of speaking and dealing with different people. In order to meet the needs of different people, you must be a person who "knows astronomy and geography". Of course, it is a bit exaggerated, not proficient, at least a little understanding, and it is also crucial to pay attention to real-time news.

Second, when using Internet channels

To establish customer files, you can appropriately leave customers' QQ, email, Weibo, etc., so that it is more convenient to understand the customer's daily life, more clearly understand the customer's personality, hobbies and psychology, and also convenient to know the customer's hair development status, according to the hair situation to give customers corresponding solutions.

Third, remember the customer's


The consumption mentioned here is not how much money the customer spends when he enters the store. Instead, remember some habits such as shampoo, hair dye and so on commonly used when customers enter the store to make hair, and also need to understand the customer's hair condition, hair quality, hairstyle, etc. Because this will make customers feel that you are very professional, very attentive to customers, will leave a good impression on the customer's psychology, and will also create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the hairdressing shop, and at the same time lay a good reputation for the hairdressing shop.

Fourth, know how to observe words and colors

In the process of service, the customer's personality type and mood not only affect your trimming behavior, but also affect the psychology, which means that you have to better communicate with customers in what way, whether as a hairstylist or a shampoo brother, you must master clearly, and observing words and colors is the foundation. If you are interested, you can also read more books on psychology and learn about personality. It will help you in your future behavior.