How to open a new hair salon?

How to open a new hair salon?
Mar 15, 2023admin

How to open a new hair salon?

Hairdressing is a common thing for consumers nowadays. Your hairstyle plays a key role in your self-image at any given time. For the newly opened hair salon, if there is no good publicity in the early stage, there is basically no customer source, it will lose the prime time of profit, hair salon is difficult to become popular. For gold, suction, there are a few moves waiting for everyone oh!

1. decoration attraction

First in the store decoration to have a unique style, decoration is a magic weapon to attract customers. Look at the face first, then decoration is the ""face"" of the salon. Before the official opening, the need to have a perfect decoration planning, determine a good theme and style. The business scope of these salons is related to the positioning of salons. Some hairdresser franchises belong to simple and warm, and some belong to high-end luxury. Whether it is that kind of decoration, it must be rich in emotional appeal and charming enough in style. It is estimated that when doing beauty, it will feel more.

2. Opening Planning

Opening is undoubtedly a fast way to attract money for hairdressers, and will usher in a batch of customers. This is the direct way, then plan a very eye-catching opening activity, use the activity to open the salon's market awareness, improve the popularity of the store, let others know you quickly. In view of the current consumer concept, Xiaobian reminds you that the rational consumption of customers may make the opening of the degree of gold absorption greatly reduced. But you still have to show the perfect side to impress the customer.

3. service attract customers

The new store will let people know, but it still needs some help. Opening is the formal step of the store, this step will determine the store in the minds of customers. Then in the later period, the products and services of the salon are needed. The products and services are the links that really play a role. If the salon franchise pays great attention to the quality of products and services, it can fully meet the needs of customers, so it will be able to catch repeat customers.

4. Acquaintances drive customers

The source of repeat customers is based on the products and services of the salon, thus attracting a large number of customers to come. If it is a new shop, after all, many new customers do not understand the salon franchise and are not willing to easily come to the door. But if it is introduced by an acquaintance, the meaning is different. It is not enough to grow only by old customers, so the store needs to find ways to expand customers, old customers is a good means.