The psychology of these customers is something a stylist must keep in mind

The psychology of these customers is something a stylist must keep in mind
Mar 15, 2023admin

For the service industry, the establishment of the customer relationship between the service provider and the customer is related to the business fate of the store, while for different types of service providers, the establishment of the customer relationship with the customer needs different ways and skills. In the operation of hairdressers, most customers are served by hairdressers, so hairdressers need to know more about customer communication skills. For hairdressers, understanding the psychology of these customers will make it easier for them to gain the trust of consumers.

First, understand the real purpose of customers entering the salon

No matter what kind of customers, enter the salon will have a certain purpose, some people ask for emotion, some people ask for vague do not know what kind of hair they should go to cut, and for these two types of people, they enter the salon have their own purpose, and as a hair stylist can not be ignored. The average customer who enters a salon has these general purposes:

1. For hair trimming: This type of customer has a strong purpose, most of them are men or students, most of them don't care about their style, the purpose is to keep their hair short. For clients with this purpose, the stylist also needs to make sure that you design your hair in a way that makes him beautiful.

2. In order to make themselves more beautiful: most people do styling, hoping that their hair style can bring them beauty, modify their face shape and so on. For this kind of customers, hairstylists need to constantly communicate with customers, state their own opinions, demand and a unified point of customers, and carry out hair design with the consent of customers.

3. For special occasions: this kind of customers come to the salon with a very strong purpose. Hair stylist needs to communicate with customers about the requirements of the place, but also communicate with customers about the dress and shape, and then carry out reasonable design.

Second. Understand why customers come to the store

1. They may be satisfied with the environment of the salon: many people choose a well-decorated shop according to their own mood when choosing a salon. They hope they can enjoy quality service.

2. Come to the hairdressing shop because of the introduction of friends

: Many people will listen to the advice of relatives and friends, and the reason why such customers come to the hairdressing shop to consume is because they believe in the introduction of relatives and feel that this hairdressing shop has good craftsmanship, so they choose, so for this type of customer, when receiving it, be enthusiastic, and reflect your professionalism when serving.