How to meet customer orientation?

How to meet customer orientation?
Mar 19, 2023admin

How to meet customer orientation?

The so-called service industry is to serve the masses and meet their needs. The work of a hair designer is mainly to create the beauty and confidence of customers, if a hair designer cannot create customers' needs in terms of beauty and confidence, he is not a competent service person. Therefore, it is very important for hairdressers to manage good relationships with customers, and the technology that satisfies customers is a good technology; Customer satisfaction is a good interpersonal relationship.

The concept to be established is the "spirit of independence".

The spirit of independence seems simple, but in fact, many hair designers have lost this spirit. From the examples on the spot, we can often see the habit of relying on designers everywhere, and only from the designers with high performance can also vaguely see the independent spirit. For example, when the general customer enters the door, most of the assistant greets the customer first, then guides the seat, and only after completing the assistant's massage, shampooing, and flushing work, does he ask the designer to serve. This process is right for an assistant to receive customers when the designer is busy and has no time. But nowadays, many designers, when they are not busy, see their customers enter the door, but still rely on assistants to greet customers. On the one hand, I feel that greeting customers is the job of assistants; On the other hand, I am also afraid that I will step forward to greet customers and lose my identity as a designer. In this case, it is as ridiculous as if a friend came to your house to find you, and you must first invite your friend to take a seat, and then invite you out after pouring tea and putting fruit.

Customers go to the hair salon to consume, the person they care about is the designer, and the first thing they meet is the assistant; Those who have served for a long time are also assistants. Imagine that the people who care have a short contact time, and the people who do not care have a longer contact time, in this case, how can customers get satisfactory service, and how designers can establish customer relations with customers!

Therefore, the spirit of independence means that designers can establish the responsibility and obligation to serve customers throughout the process. If the designer can have this independent spirit, not only can he show more attention to customers, it is easier to establish feelings with customers, and compared with serving customers, he can reduce the pressure on work and facilitate the promotion of work because of the customer relationship that has been established for a long time. To establish the right concept to bring high performance, we only serve customers well, think about what customers think, and provide customers with value-added services, which is bound to bring potential benefits.

In short, if everything that hairdressers learn cannot be shown to customers and satisfied with customers, then no matter how good the effort is, it will be in vain! To meet customer requirements, we will create higher added value while providing customer technology.