How to survive the hair salon under the O2O environment

How to survive the hair salon under the O2O environment
May 30, 2023admin

The current situation of the hairdressing industry is that the O2O model is popular. In the face of the current development trend of the hairdressing industry, many salon owners are at a loss. In fact, in the face of such a situation, hairdresser owners should accept and recognize the Internet with an all-embracing mentality, rather than exclusion, exclusion will suffer losses, learning network marketing in the process of salon operation is also an inevitable development trend. The owner of the hairdresser should learn to go with the trend and make sure that the Internet becomes the wing of his salon, which is the icing on the cake for the development of the salon.

1. Set up the official website of the hairdresser.

The current market is that very few small and medium-sized hair salons set up official websites for themselves, and most bosses think this is a big business. However, in the Internet era, the Internet is a very popular and convenient way of publicity, so the establishment of a website is not only necessary, but also very necessary. The content of the website is mainly about joining the hairdresser's introduction, main project introduction, hairdressing product and instrument display, staff elegant demeanor, activity notice, hairdressing knowledge, online customer service and so on. The purpose is to make the new and old customers of the hairdresser shop can quickly and intuitively understand the hairdresser through the website.

2. Run well the Wechat public platform of the hairdresser.

Compared with the website, the vast majority of hair salons have their own Wechat public platform, but due to poor operation, the Wechat public platform has become a machine for publishing advertisements for hairdressers. In fact, a hair salon wants to run a good Wechat public platform, where there are special people in charge. It usually collects information on the Internet, making Wechat rich and diverse in content. It is suggested that operators release trends in the hairdressing industry, popular information, hairdressing knowledge, anecdotes, event notices, etc., and the content must be readable and interesting, so that the amount of foundation will increase, and fans' loyalty will also be increased.

3. Carry on the network promotion

If we only rely on word-of-mouth to promote the hair salon, the development will be restricted to some extent. Now the amount of network information is very large, we must make use of the advantages of the network to spread the brand. Try to choose some mature, group for the network company cooperation, discuss and design some goal accurate, professional promotion plan together.

4. make use of the network to expand customers.

Tuoke is a headache for most hairdressers. Due to vicious competition in the industry, old customers continue to lose. If new customers can not be replenished in time, it will be difficult to sustain. Therefore, we should unite with some well-known, affordable websites covering eating, drinking and playing, and engage in panic buying or group buying of some characteristic projects, so as to increase the exposure rate in time and quickly bring in the source of tourists.

The core of O2O is online and offline interaction at the same time, the two are indispensable and complement each other. For the hairdresser, if we can comply with the trend and do enough online and offline related work, it will certainly inject new impetus into the long-term and stable development of the hairdresser.