How to transform a hairdressing shop into a private order

How to transform a hairdressing shop into a private order
Mar 09, 2023admin
Hairdressing salon transformed into private customization!
With the increasing competition in the beauty industry, how to make your hairdressing shop a powerful and popular local hairdresser? Then you must learn advanced management concepts and master advanced management models. For those operators who want to improve the quality and efficiency of hairdressing shops, private space and private customized services are undoubtedly the best choices. Today, let's discuss the development trend of hairdressing salons under the transformation of new models.
What is a private space? At present, the decoration of many hairdressing shops emphasizes the style of spacious, bright and transparent, and this environment is to receive services in the same space regardless of the customer's age, taste, spending power, etc. However, for some customers with spending power, they increasingly want hairdressers to protect their privacy and provide them with privacy. Therefore, we call this service space a private space.
What is a private order? It refers to the technique of the hairstylist to carry out tailor-made technical services completely according to the customer's exclusive style, rather than designing services according to a certain trend. Customized technical services should fully meet the individual needs and quality needs of customers.
There is no privacy without customization. For hairdressing shops to provide private space, there have been such hairdressing shops more than ten years ago, some hairdressing shops set up VIP rooms or VIP rooms, all customers with spending power, hairdressing shops recommend customers to receive services in the VIP room, and the charging standard of hairdressing shops, the same is that customers are in the VIP room to receive services of the customer charging standards, will be much higher than the price of customers receiving services in the hall. The important point is that all hairdresser operators ignore that the hairstylist who serves customers in both the VIP room and the lobby has not changed, that is, the same hairstylist serves customers in the hall and serves customers in the VIP room, charging cheaply in the lobby and charging high in the VIP room. Such a model will certainly not be accepted by customers.
However, today, hairdressers are offering services in private spaces, and for today's consumers, customers are more concerned about services that suit their lifestyles. They want hairstylists to have the ability to tailor hairstyles, give more guidance to their image, and let the hairstylist become their personal image consultant. However, this also requires that the hairstylist must have the ability to tailor the private service ability. The provision of privacy for customers in the hairdressing salon must be provided that the hairstylist has a personal customized technical service.
Provide personalized service. To create an intimate space, hairdressers must analyze the groups with high-end consumers in the store. Each space should be personalized according to these consumer subjects and consumption habits as much as possible. For a private tailoring technical service, any technical training that hairstylists have received in the past will not meet this technical requirement. Hairstylists should learn hairstyle color science "exclusive hair dyeing technology", hair style science "exclusive hair cutting, perm technology", "exclusive styling technology" and "exclusive makeup technology", but also master hair and clothing matching methods, customer psychology, these techniques will enable hairstylists to achieve private customized technical service capabilities.