A must-learn course&tips for lazy hairstyles

A must-learn course&tips for lazy hairstyles
Mar 10, 2023admin
Lazy hairstyle must learn courses and skills
A beautiful hairstyle, it takes a lot of time to create, but for busy people who do not have so much time to do these things, the final result is not satisfactory. Want to spend less time creating amazing looks? Xiaobian brings you several "lazy" styling secrets that you have to learn, and be a "lazy girl"!

Tip 1: Create curlyhair

What should I do if I want to make a little change in my straight hair and don't want to hurt such beautiful long hair? Braiding and coiled hair is a good option. You can see that you can braided your hair into a loose horse lake or bun before going to bed the night before, take it apart after waking up, and use some essence or gel water or spray to present a gentle and natural wave-breaking hairstyle.

Tip 2: Hair collapse problem

The hair is easy to collapse on the scalp, and it looks big and ugly. A toothless curling iron can be used to give hair a fluffiness. For curly-haired girls, it can also be a good repair of the frizzy texture of the curly hair. Once rolled, just spread it with your fingers.

Tip 3: Ponytail Secret

Ponytail is a simple and temperamental hairstyle. The secret to creating a perfect ponytail is easy to knot at the ends, so start with a store product to help smooth your hair, such as a moisturiser or leave-in conditioner, to comb and straighten it. After fixing it with a hair band, spray some hairspray on your hands and gently rub it on the surface of your hair to avoid frizz and broken hair.

Tip 4: Curly Hair Secret

The secret to creating curly hair, when the hair is blowing to semi-dry, lower your head and quickly dry the hair roots, it will make your hair fluffy, raise your head, and gently rub the roots with leave-in conditioner, which will help you create natural beach wave hair. If you're in a hurry, you can roughly blow dry and braid it. When I arrive at the company, my hair is also dry, and when I take it apart, I will have a natural wavy hairstyle.

Tip 5: Greasy problem

Winter hair is easy to greasy, it is not good to wash hair frequently, and there is not so much time to wash hair, what should I do? MMs with bangs may wish to just wash their bangs, and the hair in the back will be tied up, and the bangs can also manage for a day! Then blow the bangs with a hair dryer in a low breeze to create a beautiful look.

Tip 6: Use hairspray

There is a multi-effect modeling product, which is hairspray. It has functions such as hair care, smoothness, moisturizing, shiny, and frizz-smoothing. If your hair is oily and you don't have time to wash it, you can spray it with hairspray and quickly dry it before combing it out. You can also use it to style or add shine, and you can also use it on hair roots to add volume. If you want to create a smooth ponytail and bun, spray the hairspray and comb it flat with a flat comb.