Is a budget in place the first step for a hairdresser?

Is a budget in place the first step for a hairdresser?
Jan 03, 2023admin

Having a budget in place is the first step for a hairdresser?

Budget is an important factor that we cannot ignore, take the hairdressing franchise store, the process of budgeting it is also a necessary preparation for sorting out the company's accounts, which can not only strengthen the supervision ability of the organization's financial management, but also improve the transparency of the store. Some people will ask, since budget is important, how to calculate the budget for a hair salon?

1. Store expenses

Store expenses include rent, utilities, renovation and other expenses. First of all, let's analyze the rent, whether it is a house you buy or a rented house, we have paid a certain fee for it, if the daily profit does not reach these fees you have to pay, then you are negative equity, the loss is an appropriate summary of this, of course, these situations; This is followed by expenses related to utility bills. We all know that hair salon is a place with relatively large consumption of water and electricity, if in order to save money, save water and electricity, then you have made a fatal mistake, in these aspects to the customer willing, so as to get the results you want, so that the benefits are maximized.

2. Expenditure on instruments and equipment

Expenditure on instruments and equipment, mainly including: towels, perming and dyeing equipment and equipment. The quality of instruments and equipment is directly related to the comfort experience of customers. We all understand that a comfortable product experience aside, regardless of the human factor, will convey the positive message of its store to customers, so as to achieve the effect of silence is better than sound!

3. Employee salary expenses

Employee salary expenses, obviously, are employees' salaries. For a hairdressing franchise store, there cannot be only one person, which requires a team with a clear division of labor, methodically carried out work, and its work efficiency is much greater than that of one person to decorate several corners. On this basis, we should also set up an equivalent employee salary table to achieve the effect of employees working more actively in a direct way according to the employee wage management regulations, so as to achieve a good situation in the market!

4. Property management expenses

For hairdressing franchised stores, property management expenses mainly include: cleaning and maintenance costs. Why do you say that? From the opening of the hair salon, in addition to normal maintenance and maintenance, it is also necessary to clean it to present a clean and comfortable office environment and consumption environment, so do these cleaning costs also need to be incurred? If there is suddenly no water, the electrical line suddenly cannot be connected, which requires professional maintenance workers to carry out certain maintenance and warranty on it, which is also one of the important factors of hairdressing franchise stores.