The higher the quality of service, the better the hairdresser?

The higher the quality of service, the better the hairdresser?
Jan 03, 2023admin

The higher the quality of service, the better the hairdresser?

Service is a powerful weapon for hairdressing shops to compete, in the ever-changing market, in addition to hardware facilities, then there is only service. Due to the improvement of people's living standards, the change of life concept and the demand for service are also more and more and higher. High-quality service is the key factor that truly determines the efficiency and image of a hairdressing shop, and it is also a real test of the management level and ability of a hairdressing shop. And as a hairdresser, how to improve the service quality of the hairdresser?

1. All employees attach great importance to service quality

To create quality service, it must be the culture of the hairdressing chain, and it must start at the top. The behavior of managers acts as an example for employees, and if managers put customers first, it will be easier to succeed in promoting quality service in both upward and downward effects. If managers do not pay attention to quality service, employees will not pay attention to it, ignore quality service, and hairdresser customers will slowly lose.

2. Develop quality service standards and specifications

The standards and norms set must be based on considering the trends of competitors and customer needs, be concret, concise, measurable, and be written into the rules and regulations. After that, the service standards should be regularly checked to see if they meet the current situation and situation, and then modify or formulate new service standards.

3. Persistently implement high-quality service standards and norms

We must continuously publicize high-quality service standards and norms to all employees, supervise their implementation, regularly check the service process, and correct problems immediately. Store managers, foremen and other managers must achieve standardized daily inspections, even if the supervisor or boss deliberately puts a trivial item in a corner, it can be found and dealt with in time.

4、Train employees in high-quality service skills

Employees must be trained on service skills. Even if employees have established the concept of serving customers, understand the standards and norms of quality service, and are willing to serve customers, but do not know customer service skills, they still cannot achieve the provision of quality services.

5. Reward employees who can provide quality services

To guide employees to provide quality services to customers, salons must give rewards to such employees, including material rewards and spiritual rewards. Otherwise, "different work, but equal pay", who wants to work hard? Barbershops must constantly create various incentives, including bonuses, free training, paid vacations, etc. Of course, not all rewards are related to money, and management should be good at using encouragement, praise, and praise, because employees care about whether their performance is recognized by their superiors.

6. Understand service quality and investigate customer satisfaction

It is necessary to investigate customer satisfaction from time to time to understand the quality of service, so that hairdressers can improve service and management in a targeted manner. Maintain regular interactions with your customers to get accurate feedback on products or services; It is even possible to do a survey in the form of a questionnaire on some special situations. Of course, there are other effective ways to get effective feedback.
The operation of the hairdressing shop requires everyone to serve attentively, so as to better infect customers, let customers recognize us from the service, create value for your hairdressing shop and make the hairdressing shop profitable. Success is in management, failure is in management!