Loyal hairdressers will not be bad. _Staff_Hairdresser craftsmanship

Loyal hairdressers will not be bad. _Staff_Hairdresser craftsmanship
Oct 30, 2022admin

Loyal hairdressers will not be bad.

Many small hairdressing shop operators have slowly developed their hairdressing shops better and better after several years of hard work. For him, the hairdressing shop is his entire business, and he has injected all his heart. Therefore, when his hairdressing shop is developing better and better, he is more uneasy to hand over his hairdressing shop to others to manage, but for the continuous growth of the hairdressing shop, he does not have much energy to manage the big and small problems of the hairdressing shop. At this time, many operators will let their relatives manage the hairdressing shop on their behalf. But did you know that family-managed hairdressing shops are the most prone to problems?

In fact, there are reasons why operators do not trust employees, for example, some operators have spent a lot of effort to recruit skilled hairdressers, beautiful shampoo girls and cashiers, which seem to be unable to stay, and some jump jobs and some set up their own portals. Some operators will also meet some loyal employees, but loyalty alone is not enough. Only those who are both loyal and capable can bring profits to the hairdressing shop, let the hairdressing shop develop, and truly be competent for the work of the hairdresser manager. For the operator of a hairdresser, finding people who are both competent and loyal to the salon, or who can combine the two types, is the most important job.

Loyal hairdressers will not be bad

Everyone knows that the best of both worlds is rare, and it is even more difficult to meet a loyal and capable employee. Therefore, one of the most practical and feasible ways is that different types of people have different focuses and take advantage of their strengths. Different positions use different talents, such as positions that require superb hairdressing skills to put competent people first, such as financial accounting, goods management, etc., which need loyal people in the first place.

Sometimes we are too entangled in which one to choose between the capable and the loyal, but the two are not exclusive, they can exist at the same time. Therefore, there is no need for operators to let their relatives manage the hairdressing shop on their behalf, after all, they do not know much about the hairdressing industry and are not necessarily good at management. Giving a hairdresser to a loyal but unmanageable manager can also lead to employee vandalism. Sometimes the problems that arise due to the improper management of the hairdressing salon are often very serious.

Finally, loyal relationships can be cultivated slowly, just like building loyal relationships with customers. More care and love for employees, communicate with employees more, understand the real needs of employees, and give employees enough space for development. Step by step, it is not very difficult to establish a loyal relationship with employees, relying on the sincerity and trust of the operator.