Renovation new advocate design your store well! _New ideas for decoration

Renovation new advocate design your store well! _New ideas for decoration
Mar 17, 2023admin
Renovation new advocate design your store well!
Many people know that the decoration of the store plays a vital role in the future development, but not many people will attract attention because of this important role, which shows that the role of decoration is only reflected in the mouth, not rich in its action. The answer to how to open a barbershop should first consider the integrity of its decoration design.

1. Welcome area

Welcome area, also known as the front desk in a barbershop, can affect how customers feel after entering the store. In our lives, we want the service to be warm and courteous. As a service industry, the hairdressing industry also needs to have enthusiastic service. From the moment a customer enters the store, if we send a sincere smile and a welcome message, it can make the customer feel very intimate, and the mood will naturally become happy. The eye perception expressed in the welcome area will form a certain impression on the customer, which is related to the mood of whether the customer can enter the store again.

2. Reception Area

After passing through the welcome area, we will go to the reception area. The reception area communicates with some details of the welcome. For example, smile with customers and say "Welcome". Arrange a suitable spot for the customer and serve a glass of water. If the customer waits too long, you can also talk to the customer or bring some magazines for the customer to pass the time. Of course, if the customer wants to change the hairstyle or dye, you can first take some hair magazines and color palettes and let the customer choose it first.

3. Operation area

The operation area is the main battlefield of the hairstylist. For a barbershop, we mainly serve customers in the operation area. Therefore, first of all, we must ensure that the instruments and equipment are clean and tidy. Secondly, the placement of tables and chairs should be based on the habits of customers, not random placement. In addition, the floor of the operation area generally has debris such as hair and paper scraps, which should be cleaned in a timely manner. Because for a hairdressing shop, its clean environment can also bring customers a different mood. As a result, customers are more willing to come to your store to receive your services.

4. Cashier area

As for the cashier area, it is usually in the form of a combination with a welcome area. The necessary equipment should be prepared, such as: pens, books, POS machines, etc. And when sending off customers, there should be a sound.