What does a small salon depend on to make money?

What does a small salon depend on to make money?
Mar 16, 2023admin

For many hair salon owners, often hear them say that open small hair salon can not earn much money ah, in fact, 70% of the whole hair industry is our small hair salon, why there are so many small hair salon, for the people small hair salon is a place we often go to, so I have some different views and views on small hair salon does not make money.

The consumption power of the customer group corresponding to the opening of a small salon will be relatively reduced, it does not mean that the small salon is not profitable, because the relative costs are relatively reduced, but the flow of customers is relatively large, I believe that people in any city prefer people with low consumption than those who like high consumption. How can such a large consumer group lower consumption standards and still maintain profits? This is how to reduce costs and increase the number of customers to increase the profitability of small salons. It's basically how we make money.

How low do you need to lower prices to be low?

Try to reduce or cancel some items that do not earn much, that is, reduce the price of the items with the lowest turnover or cancel this project, so that you can reduce the maximum loss, even if you do not reduce the price of the project, it does not bring you some effective economic benefits, so you need to refer to the local hairdressing market to make a decision.

It is not recommended that we all reduce prices, because it is easy to form vicious competition, it is not good for everyone. So the first idea is always a benefit, but the one who follows is usually not a benefit. So there's a famous law in marketing called the lead rule. It's hard to get any benefit if others follow your activity, and the more last you follow, the less meaningful it is. So we need to strive to find the first effective strategy in marketing strategy, do not chase the second. Because the second is easy to create vicious competition.

So lower the price of what isn't so good in small salons to attract more customers, and you can also find new potential customers in this group. The aim is also to lower prices. Some are not easy to reduce the price, how to change? Pay other items for the same service. Like many stores, you can give away items that can't be easily reduced. This is also a common marketing tool for businesses. To be successful with this approach, you need to analyze the local market yourself.