Store management: personnel management skills in barbershops

Store management: personnel management skills in barbershops
Mar 16, 2023admin
Barbershop personnel management tips!
Everyone knows that hairdressing is a small investment, high return industry. With the development of the hairdressing industry, it has become a favorite choice for many investors, and now joining a barbershop has developed into a trend. Many people must be puzzled, what is the trend? Trends represent the development of things. We want to have a clear understanding of the development trend of barbershops and clarify personnel management skills in order to realize the owner's desire to open a branch.

1. Modern management methods

In addition to newspapers and television, the third media has now become the mainstream media. Modern management methods are inseparable from online media. In modern times, the rapid development of hairdressing chain stores has promoted the increasingly fierce competitiveness, and in order to win in the market-oriented economy, it is necessary to rationally use online media for development. So how to use online media for development? First, a shift in the way propaganda is conducted. From traditional flyer publicity to TV promotion, this has allowed the barbershop to achieve excellent results, and subsequently, online publicity and micro-marketing have brought the barbershop to another good situation. In terms of employee management, detailed registration of their employees can be carried out through computers; In terms of customer management, in addition to the information registration of customers, there is also the integration and filing of customer information, so that the next time they visit, they can be seated, save time, save energy, can effectively manage customers, and can also assign customer managers to customers, let account managers track customers, can make customers feel that they are valued by the barbershop, can mobilize the enthusiasm of customers, in order to better carry out the work of the store.

2. Beauty salons join forces

The traditional business model of barbershops, that is, hairdressing, beauty, and nail art are separated. However, with the increasing diversification of people's needs, the traditional business model can no longer meet these needs, so barbershops have to transform. So how exactly do you transform? This requires transforming a single business project into a diversified integrated project. For example: beauty salons join forces. This can not only achieve resource sharing between the two projects, but also attract more customers to the store to consume. In our lives, if a store can meet our diverse needs, this saves us time, does it in one step, and lays the foundation for the performance of the barbershop.

3. Brand Franchise

If you are not confident enough to support a barbershop, or you are afraid of failure, you can choose to brand join. Why do you say that? Because we all know that joining means that the head office provides you with instruments, equipment, management mode and management experience.