Teach you how to open a hairdressing franchise store

Teach you how to open a hairdressing franchise store
Dec 21, 2022admin

Teach you how to open a hairdressing franchise store!

Opening a hairdressing franchise seems simple, but in fact, some preparations and planning have to be done. The same is true for hairdressing franchise stores, and franchisees must have the following conditions to join


1. Operator:

refers to the executor who accepts the business philosophy of joining the headquarters, which is the most basic key.

(1) The most feared thing about joining the headquarters is that the operators agree to the regulations of the headquarters before joining, but they do their own thing after operation, so more communication and the support of the headquarters at all times is the most important work.

(2) Must be a responsible and dedicated operator.

(3) Must be a person with a rigorous private life, good health, and good credit.

(4) Those who can play a complete education and training role in the headquarters.

(5) Strong learning ability and adaptability.

Teach you how to open a hairdressing franchise store!

2. Venture fund:

Venture capital is the fund prepared by the operator, which can be divided into four types.

(1) Reserve for start-up: refers to financial equipment, decoration, goods, rent, personnel expenses... Wait.

(2) Franchise Fee: refers to the amount to be paid to the franchise headquarters of the franchise, which will not be refunded even if the contract is terminated in the future.

(3) Mortgage deposit: Usually between the franchise headquarters and the franchised store, there will be transactions, the franchised headquarters in order to ensure the future loan recovery, will require the operator to propose cash or real estate mortgage guarantee, so that the cooperation between the two parties can be guaranteed, this deposit will be returned in full after the end of the cooperation.!

(4) Regular service fee: The franchised store pays the fee of the franchised headquarters monthly, quarterly or annually as the research and development funds of the franchised headquarters. At the same time, it is a kind of remuneration for the operation and service provided by the franchised headquarters.

3. Store:

Refers to the business place, most of the stores are prepared by the operators themselves, the franchised headquarters is only responsible for the assessment and review, whether it is self-owned or leased, the evaluation of the franchised headquarters on the store includes


(1) Number of store floors: The self-owned store must have a floor area of more than 83 square meters; Those who lease the shop must also lease more than 83 square meters of floor space, and the lease must be more than 3 years.

(2) Business district selection: As long as it is a retail industry, it must directly face consumers, so how many consumers pass through in the business district? How many consumers can it attract? Does it conflict with other existing stores? All of them need to be evaluated by joining the headquarters as an important guideline for deciding whether to open a store.

Teach you how to open a hairdressing franchise store!

(3) Basic number of households: how many basic households are in the possible business district, from which the population is deduced, and then their possible spending power is calculated; The retail industry must not rely solely on the patronage of migrants, but must also take into account the basic population of the local population.

4. Opening

After the opening of the store, there are many problems, such as how to increase the number of customers, how to maintain the image of the store, etc., and at this time, the franchise headquarters will arrange a lot of tutoring activities and stipulate some management rules to help operators operate more easily.