The consumer psychology of the customers of the hair salon that you don't know.

The consumer psychology of the customers of the hair salon that you don't know.
May 20, 2023admin

The consumer psychology of the customers of Ang's styling salon that you don't know.

Each of us will have different pursuits in each age group, and the things we like will be different in each age group. When we were in school, we rebelled and pursued all kinds of fashionable things: when we were working, we pursued promotion and salary: in our old age, we pursued a comfortable life. We have our responsibilities at every stage and things we have to work for. Then hairdressing is the same. We have different requirements for hairdressing at different ages.

The first stage: 18-30 years old

The requirement of customers in this age group for hairdressing is to be fashionable and novel. Young people at this stage do not have any independent opinions, especially hope to be recognized and affirmed by others, will be more concerned about the views of others, only through the affirmation of others to obtain their own value. And this kind of consumer's understanding of the price is not deep, such people are prone to impulse consumption.

So for us hairdressers, we can guide consumers. For this kind of impulsive customers, our hairstylist can talk more about more fashionable, unique and novel hairstyles and items, and provide more personalized services to highlight the characteristics of customers. For young people, try everything. When this kind of customer asks questions, we should follow the customer's thinking, give more praise and recognition as much as possible, and create the resonance of consumers.

The second stage: 31-59 years old

The requirements for hairstyles of 25-year-old and 50-year-old people are no longer a simple pursuit of fashion, on the contrary, middle-aged people prefer to go with the flow. The requirements for hairstyles and services are mainly practical, followed by beauty. And middle-aged people don't accept other people's advice so quickly. Their consumption is rational, more economical, and will be more interested in preferential activities. They are generally planned for consumption and have their own opinions on consumption. It is hard for them to believe the hairdresser, but they prefer to believe the words of the experts.

In the face of this kind of middle-aged customer, our hair stylist's own overall dress should look more professional, so that this middle-aged customer has sense of security, so that she is willing to believe you and let you serve him. When our hairstylist recommends products or projects, we must put special emphasis on practicality and preferential solutions, so that we can move customers more.

The third stage: over 60 years old

Older people are relatively budget-conscious, and they are generally very loyal to a certain brand. In fact, customers at this stage are interested in health. For older customers, our hairdresser must be patient and treat customers sincerely, so that customers trust you, and they will accept the items you recommend.