The decoration of the hairdressing salon should highlight the characteristics

The decoration of the hairdressing salon should highlight the characteristics
Jan 03, 2023admin

The decoration of the hairdressing shop should be distinctive!

The core of hairdressing shop decoration is hairdressing shop design, only exquisite and fashionable design can echo the aesthetic requirements of the public, in order to add more customers for hairdressing shops. How to highlight the characteristics of hairdressing shops is a headache for every hairdresser owner. Today, I will share with you two classic cases of hairdressing shop decoration with different characteristics, hoping to help you hairdressing shop owners.


Generally, hairdressing shops will choose the rough style of leaving the ceiling bare, deliberately exposing water pipes and wires, and installing artistic lighting, which is a more time-saving and cost-saving method.
Ceiling and lighting: One or two lights play the role of lighting, if more than three are a work of art. The style of lighting directly determines the style of the ceiling, modern, elegant, can be adapted.
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Ceiling and decoration: In addition to the auspicious meaning, auspicious charms also have a decorative role, adding a touch of antiquity to the tough ceiling.

Reception area

The reception area should be flexibly arranged according to the size of the store, according to the store to place sofas with similar styles, if the space is enough to put up a coffee table, try to use the position close to the door, if the space is not enough, you can set up a small and precise reception area.
Cool reception area: In order to match the style of the front guard of the store, a cool black sofa is placed near the door, which is very popular with fashionable personalities.
Bright reception area: Bright yellow sofas and coffee tables are placed facing the doorway, becoming a comfortable rest area where you can enjoy tea and chat.
Simple reception area: In some corners that cannot be used, you can also turn decay into magic, and put on the sofa, which is a place to rest.
Flexible reception area: If there is not enough space, a few practical stools that do not take up space can also form a mobile reception area, because the color of the stools is eye-catching, but also add a lot of color to the whole store.

Barber area

Barber area is the top priority of hairdressing shop decoration. On the basis of ensuring cleanliness, it is necessary to think of adding character to the hairdressing area made by a simple combination of mirrors and chairs.
Magic Mirror Hair Area: The mirror is a place where you can make a big fuss. Break the traditional square shape and install a fan-shaped mirror to make people's eyes shine. The wall next to the mirror cannot be ignored, this is where customers see more, and it is not monotonous to paste some interesting patterns.
Bar Hair Zone: Red barber table illuminated by orange light.

Store manager's experience

Neat store manager: We chose light and pleasant bright yellow as the main color of decoration, and the walls, sofas, etc. use a large area of yellow, and the details also use yellow to echo. Since both walls face the street, we used floor-to-ceiling glass to increase the sense of expansion of the storefront. All the tools in the store are very neatly arranged and have special organizing boxes and organizers, so our store looks very bright and tidy.
Jinkupai store manager: Our consumer group is young people, they do not like the same decoration, and they agree with the style of IN. Our store takes a personalized route, the façade, floor, walls, ceiling are not too embellished, and the contrast of black and red forms our cool style.