The harder the business, how do hairdressers persist?

The harder the business, how do hairdressers persist?
Dec 15, 2022admin

The harder the business, how can the hairdresser stick to it?

Nowadays, the most lamented by hairdressers is that business is becoming more and more difficult to do, of course, this is also a common phenomenon in other industries. Why is our business getting worse and worse?

In such a situation, most people in the art industry will explain that our costs are rising, and the competition in the industry is too fierce, and customers are less and less likely to buy it, so our business is getting harder and harder to do. But if you look at this from a different perspective and on another level, it's a different story.

First of all, we talk about the fierce competition in the industry.

Human beings are developing, society is developing, and increasingly fierce industry competition is an inevitable trend.

Many stores are fighting alone to face those teams or alliances with complete industrial chains and certain management levels, and it is obvious that this competition is basically no way out.

The thinking of these stores is still stuck in the past, when they consider problems, they not only think and judge from the perspective of business, but more from the perspective of psychological cognition to doubt and deny, consider more risks, not opportunities, consider more problems, not prospects. So no matter how good the conditions you offer, and no matter how good the guarantees you provide, you are not used to working with people. This uncooperative mentality and overwhelming skepticism make many opportunities unattractive to you, even in front of you, you are indifferent, and finally lead to the loss of opportunities.

There are more people who do not think that their current situation is dangerous, nor do they think that they need to change, they are waiting, relying on, wanting, waiting for the change of the external environment, rather than taking the initiative to change. They often have the narcissism and self-cherishing of their established patterns, established routines and established products, and do not have the courage to give up and adjust to change. But because of this, it is more and more difficult to do their own business, their situation is getting more and more difficult, and the more difficult it is for them to break through, they cannot extricate themselves.

The harder the business, how do hairdressers insist?_Customers

Moreover, from the reason that "customers are not buying more and more", as people's material standards improve, people's requirements for various living standards will become higher and higher, which is a normal phenomenon.

The earliest people called the hairstylist "shaving master", customers will only have requirements for the length of hair, to later pay attention to fashionable hairstyles, and then to the current tailor-made, customer needs have been changing, if you can provide customers have been staying in the past, will not follow the promotion, to meet the needs of customers, then what qualifications do you have to complain that customers are becoming more and more picky?

Therefore, why is it more and more difficult to do business, not because the external environment is not conducive to themselves, It is because he did not integrate into the external environment, did not keep up with the rapid pace of society, and did not find his own reasons!