Those unexpected precautions for opening a hairdresser!

Those unexpected precautions for opening a hairdresser!
Sep 01, 2022admin

Those unexpected precautions for opening a hairdresser!

I. You have to have your own working hours. That is, business hours.

This problem depends on you to determine according to your own conditions. What I want to say is that no matter how you set it, you always have to adjust the schedule, and the schedule I am talking about also includes your regular working time schedule throughout the day. The first thing to do when you arrive at work in the morning is to tidy up the sanitary environment. Of course, you may have done these things the night before, so why put things in order, or do you think it is necessary to plan a fixed time and date for cleaning? If you have audiovisual equipment in your store. Put on your favorite song, and you should be in a good mood when you do cleaning and sorting out goods and equipment.

Those unexpected precautions for opening a hairdressing shop!_Customer

II. When you notice people walking around the door of the salon, it means that you have to be ready to serve.

I don't know what kind of customs are in Italy, but I think since they are all Chinese it is not too bad. So it is recommended when someone stops by your door to watch. You give him five seconds to leave, otherwise you can go out and smile and ask "Do you want to cut your hair?" Welcome to take a look". 10% of a hair salon's performance is asked this way, unless you have emotions with this performance, so it is recommended that you do this.

III. Finally a customer came, then you have to always pay attention to your smile

I believe I don't need to talk about this question, you have this talent, my advice is that it doesn't matter what you say. It's important that you know how customers understand something after you say something. This is the key problem, what you say is good, customers do not understand or do not accept your statement, it is meaningless. A good hairdresser not only knows how customers understand their words, but also guides them how to understand our words. In other words, you can gain insight into customer attitudes. It can also guide this attitude of customers. At this time, our own ideas are not important, the key is the customer's ideas are the most important, in the art of war, "say that knowing oneself and knowing the other will not be lost".

This is not easy and requires a lot of experience. You can experience it with your heart, and soon you will be able to master the skills, and this is not up to anyone to teach you. It is worth noting that the customer's wishes can easily cause you to misunderstand due to the inaccuracy of his expression, and then the problem arises, and the responsibility is your own responsibility.

For example, there is a student who also runs a store, and one of his customers said that the weather was too hot and wanted to cut his long hair short. My student felt that she understood her intention, so she cut it short, and the customer was very dissatisfied and said "cut too short" That is to say, this student can correctly understand the direction of customer intention, but there is no accuracy, the reason why the customer cuts short is that it is afraid of heat, I believe that you cut it bald will be cooler, but the customer will go crazy, so you have to understand the scale in the customer's mind. That is to say, it is necessary not only to understand the correctness of the customer's psychological direction, but also to grasp the accuracy of this correct direction.

those unexpected precautions for opening a hairdressing shop!_customer

My suggestion is to communicate with customers in more languages at the beginning, or chat with customers more to help you better understand the customer's mentality, and you can quickly establish a relationship with customers, which is your umbrella for making money in the future.

IV. In haircuts or other projects.

We often think that the final result (effect) is the final judgment basis of the customer.

It is true that the final result is important, but this is the last problem, and we can't focus all the efforts on the last for customers to judge. When you have a good atmosphere with customers at work, it is to give customers a good psychological preparation, that is, to let customers feel good about you first. It is helpful to have such an attitude to rate your final results. So you have to be the greatest enthusiasm in the work to win the customer's good impression of you, even if I have this experience, when I am still very junior, when the customer gives me 50 points, I will also make up for and save in other aspects, so that I still get the praise of customers. This is a very emotional rating. In the operation, I have already described the corresponding tips to cover up my shortcomings. You know. When the work is done, your performance still plays an important role in customer ratings. Of course, this requires your ingenuity, otherwise it will be counterproductive. By the way, after the customer is finished, it is necessary to carefully clean the stubble on the customer's neck, which is a small thing, but it is also a very important and necessary thing.