What kind of personnel are there in the hairdresser?

What kind of personnel are there in the hairdresser?
Apr 01, 2023admin
How much hairdressing is needed for hairdressing shops mainly depends on the size of the hairdressing shop, as well as the number of customers in the hairdressing shop and the financial strength of the owner, so the staffing must be determined according to the actual situation of the store, not more or less. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, many bosses are not worried about delegating power, everything is done personally, often leading to fatigue work, increased responsibility, coupled with distrust of employees, lack of communication, employee turnover is more serious, so we must use management methods reasonably, reduce employee turnover rate, and give employees real trust

1. Store Manager

If it is a medium-sized salon, it is necessary to hire a professional salon manager who is fully responsible for the daily operation and management of the store. If it is a small salon, then the manager will generally be held by the boss. In fact, the salon manager should be an experienced one who can take a look at the hair market and the future development direction of the salon. Or hire a manager with management experience is more appropriate.

2. Finance

All the financial expenditure and income of the salon should have a clear record, and this record is obviously the need for professional management, to know that finance is the lifeblood of a salon, if this is not done well, the salon will be difficult to operate, generally this position is either the boss or choose their own more trust people.

3. Hair Consultant

Perhaps many hairdressing shops do not know what hairdressing customers do and what they are used for. Hairdressing consultants can be said to be the most important position in hairdressing shops. They are mainly responsible for receiving customers, understanding customers' questions, answering customers' questions about hairdressing, selling products and projects to customers, and helping customers to make files and appointments. Then recommend the appropriate hair stylist for its service, for the hair consultant, not only to grasp the solid hair professional knowledge, but also need to have a good image temperament.

4. Hairstylist

Hairstylists as the executors of the service, of course, they are the most in contact with customers, so professional knowledge, technical techniques must be mastered, only in this way to give customers more service after the case, at present, hairstylists need to have a job certificate, so hairdressing shops must see whether they are qualified when recruiting employees.