What makes hairdressers out of business?

What makes hairdressers out of business?
Dec 17, 2022admin

What makes hairdressers out of business?

What makes hairdressers out of business?_Service

When the hairdressing industry developed, we found that many once brilliant hairdressing shops began to slowly decline, and their business became worse and worse, and they were extremely deserted. Why is this happening? The boss is also confused, the hairstylist has become confused, it is difficult to recruit workers, and it is hopeless to expand the market. What exactly is the reason why your painstakingly operated store is facing such a dilemma, today I am here to analyze and analyze the inevitable cause of death of the store, hoping that the hairdressing shop owners will be vigilant and improve their operations.

1. Poor management

What makes hairdressers out of business?_Service

We often find that some hairdressing shops have a good location, decoration can also be, the project is complete, and the brand distributed has a certain popularity, but it is a business, a "to die" look. We also found that the staff of these salons were not passionate, and even the hairdressers in the store were ganged! The owner of the hairdressing shop also fished for three days and dried the net for two days, and he didn't know what to do with the hairdressing shop. I don't have a clue about how to properly manage customers, how to rationally formulate promotion methods, and how to reasonably allocate employees' work. Such hairdressers make up a certain percentage of the industry, and their end result is: after working for a while, the owner starts to get tired of this life and finally transfers and closes!

2.Vicious competition

Price war, or price war! It is not uncommon to see that a street less than 1,000 meters long is filled with dozens or even hundreds of hairdressers, large and small! Sometimes there are more than ten hairdressers in a community of less than 5,000 people! So a situation appeared: everyone is using promotions to drive turnover! And the ultimate means of promotion is a price war! Frequent promotions and price wars did not bring a steady stream of customers to the hairdressing shop, but the business became more and more cold and the profits became thinner and thinner! Under this tired business method, hairdressers continue to lose a large number of customers, and the weaker hairdressing shops have been transferred and closed!

3. Divergence of Shareholders

The biggest advantage of the shareholding system is that it integrates the strength and resources of shareholders, complements each other's advantages, gives play to their respective strengths, and unites as one, so that such a business will become more and more prosperous. However, many of the hairdressers that went bankrupt and transferred referred to the "divergence of shareholders". When the partners who have worked hard see that the business is on track, they will ignore the management service and begin to float. When inertia once it becomes a habit, it can get out of hand; Slowly lost customers, word of mouth was damaged, and the store gradually went bankrupt.

4. Blindly open a store, pursue grade

Save some entrepreneurial funds, find a partner to start a business together, self-positioning evaluation is too high, blindly follow the trend to play high-end. The decoration is luxurious, the decoration is very stylish, the products are all branded, and the funds prepared by one store seriously exceed the budget. Willing to spend millions to decorate the store layout, but unwilling to spend tens of thousands of yuan to build team skills; I don't want to pay a few hundred dollars more for employees to live a little better. The store opened, and customers were looking forward to coming to your store, but found that the service quality was very poor, which was completely inconsistent with the taste of your store. Deterred more than half of the customers, resulting in poor service from the high-end customer team, and low-end customers did not dare to come to consume. Faced with large product inventory and high rents, the pressure is great, and the consequences can be imagined.

5.Do not understand innovation, technology is not professional

In the past, relying on technology as a guide, to now the profit is getting lower and lower, even unprofitable! As a hairstylist, you don't have professional knowledge, you can't reflect value. To serve consumers well, it is necessary to cultivate hairdressers with stronger professional capabilities and be able to solve various problems of consumers' hair. For a hairdresser to create a variety of projects, it must be backed by professional knowledge, and what will you be as a hairdresser without professionalism? Only by constantly meeting customer needs and creating more added value can we win the trust and respect of customers.