Satisfying can not interpret hair salon management?

Satisfying can not interpret hair salon management?
Dec 17, 2022admin

Satisfying can not interpret management?

store manager management of hairdressing shops has never been simple, there is always some distance between employees and employees, some store managers manage very democratically, at first everyone is very harmonious, slowly found that constantly satisfied employees, It will only make it more and more difficult for employees to be satisfied. How should our store manager manage the hairdressing shop?

1: If you don't know how to delegate, you can't get on the fast track of management

Can you not interpret management?_Employee

Managers are all about everything, and although there will be unnecessary flaws in the handling of some things, it is a huge flaw from the perspective of management. Because this will turn all subordinates into echo bugs that lack vitality and autonomy. Bosses are exhausted, employees are idle, and managers who don't know how to delegate will take the enterprise or a department into the slow lane in "conscientiousness".

2: The supervision of the authorized person is essential

Authorization is not to let the power go, but the supervision, follow-up, and management after authorization are essential. Some managers are often distressed, why is it that power is always chaotic and dead as soon as it is reaped? In fact, the root cause lies in the failure to solve the problem of the relationship between authorization and supervision.

3: Starting from the spiritual level is the golden key to opening the door of management

For most ordinary employees, the requirements for material treatment are the most basic and quite important, but if you regard material needs as the only needs of employees and know the management ideas based on this, it is a big mistake. After satisfying basic material needs, the spiritual level is the golden key that can truly open the door to management.

4: Reasonable selection and use of talents is a necessary quality for managers

What does management manage? Nature is people, different people do not manage by the same means, the result will be very different, this is the difference in the selection and use of talents. Therefore, smart managers will start from the employment of people to implement their own management philosophy. The most important thing in selecting talents is to achieve the word "reasonable", and only when these two words can managers be said to have basic management qualities.

Can not interpret management?_Employees

5: Have a special mind for important employees

Most of the important employees are capable people, and most of the capable people have some arrogance, how to use such people is a yardstick for school management ability. If you can use such a person well, he will exert great energy, and it is difficult to use such a person well without a generous mind.