To store managers who can't manage!

To store managers who can't manage!
Dec 17, 2022admin

To store managers who can't manage!

Management has always been a headache for store managers, mainly to grasp the balance between loose and tight management, too loose leads to the loose spirit of employees and the situation is out of control, too tight will kill passion and creativity. One loose and one tight, embodies the essence of the art of management.

1: Give subordinates the opportunity to express their personal opinions

To those store managers who can't manage!_criticism
Whether ordinary employees have the power and opportunity to express their personal opinions is one of the criteria for measuring whether an organization is functioning well. Managers need to create a management atmosphere where everyone can speak freely, so that everyone in the organization will feel that they are an important member of it and will feel comfortable doing their job, which is often more effective than some strict management measures.

2: The right incentive is the killer tool of efficient management

To those store managers who can't manage!_criticism
Every manager expects his subordinates to be 100% engaged and efficient. But at the same time, managers should understand that the effectiveness of employees is directly related to what kind of incentives you use. The era of winning with high-pressure and forced management has long passed, and adopting appropriate incentives is the killer tool for modern managers to improve management efficiency.

3: Correctly view the strengths and weaknesses of subordinates

The ruler is short, the inch is long, if the manager only focuses on the shortcomings of the subordinate, then he is full of shortcomings, correspondingly, your attitude towards employees is only criticism, punishment. This is an extremely negative management thinking, avoiding its shortcomings and using its strengths, is the management way of smart managers.

4: Criticism is one of the essences of the art of management

As leaders, managers inevitably criticize subordinates, but they must not look at criticism in a simplistic way. The purpose of criticism is to point out shortcomings, mistakes, and expect corrections, if your criticism only points out mistakes, or is only a catharsis of personal emotions, but does not achieve the purpose of making the criticized person correct and making others vigilant, this is a kind of failed criticism. So criticism is about method, which is one of the essences of the art of management.

5: Dare to punch hard when it's time to strike

Which unit will have some "thorn-headed" figures, when there may be serious problems that endanger the management situation, in this regard, managers must not hesitate at all, dare to shoot, and as soon as they make a shot, they must punch hard, and strive to hit with one blow, and one blow can solve the problem
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