What should I do if the hairdresser can't recruit people?

What should I do if the hairdresser can't recruit people?
Dec 22, 2022admin

What should I do if the hairdressing shop can't recruit people?

The hairdressing industry has developed to today, and the competition between hair salons is largely a competition between the boss's decision-making level and the quality of employees. Many hairdressers often encounter problems and problems in recruiting and retaining personnel. Today, I will explain to you the recruitment measures of hairdressing shops.

First step: "smartly" solve the salary problem. In the hairdressing industry, there are many imperfections in the salary management of small and medium-sized hair salons, resulting in serious employee losses in small and medium-sized hair salons. In the special period of hair salon development, the method of emotional retention can play a great role, but it is not a long-term solution, and a reasonable salary system can reflect respect and recognition of talents. Therefore, in order to retain talents, small and medium-sized hair salons that are at a financial disadvantage must first break through the "salary" hard wound.

When designing a complete compensation system, certain principles need to be followed. That is, internal fairness, external fairness, incentives, feasibility. "Internal fairness" should address the psychological balance between management and ordinary employees, backbone and non-backbone; The "external fairness" should refer to the average value of specific positions in society, which is roughly equivalent to the average social price, and it is best to be slightly higher to maintain competitiveness.

The formulation of salary and the development strategy of hair salons cannot be disconnected. More and more small and medium-sized hair salons realize that the formulation of salary is related to the retention and attraction of talents, but few small and medium-sized hair salons organically combine the construction of salary system with the development strategy of hair salons, resulting in low enthusiasm of employees and cannot establish common values and codes of conduct between employees and hair salons.

What should I do if the hairdressing shop can't recruit people?

Retention measures need to be combined with welfare. Small and medium-sized hair salons should be flexible in formulating benefits, so that employees can receive welfare remuneration through their own efforts. That is, a dynamic benefits plan based on performance and ability. This not only saves costs, but also achieves the role of incentives. According to the actual situation of the salon and employees, we can also develop low-cost diversified welfare programs close to the lives of employees, and develop self-service benefits according to the needs of employees. Different employees have different needs, so when the salon formulates a welfare package plan, it allows employees to choose a welfare package that suits them within a certain range, that is, self-service benefits.

In the case that the "hard mechanism" and "soft environment" of the hair salon have not been well created, or when the hair salon does not have a certain degree of popularity, a targeted and flexible "retention" method is adopted, starting from several aspects such as selection, education, employment and retention, and gradually establishing a sound human resource management system.

First, the selection of talents: the balance of recruiting talents should be tilted towards unqualified and potential novices

This is a realistic choice for small and medium-sized hair salons to make up for the shortcomings of external talent exploration. Experienced and high-quality talents may not stay for long, but it is easy to cause the instability of hair salon human resources. Compared with work experience, the way employees work, work attitude, and especially development potential are more important for hair salons. At the same time, novices are generally young, energetic, efficient and humble, often able to work and study down-to-earth, and pay more attention and investment to the development of hair salons and personal development.

Second, education: focus on internal training

The external excavation of talents can ensure the timely needs of hair salons and bring vitality to hair salons, but the cost is too high, challenging the resources of small and medium-sized hair salons, and not conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of the internal personnel of hair salons. Internal training has an incentive effect on employees and is relatively low. It should be noted that training not only includes the cultivation of professional knowledge and skills, but also attaches importance to the cultivation of employees' sense of belonging to the salon, which is conducive to the development of the salon and the stability of personnel.

Thrid. Employment: It is necessary to establish a scientific and reasonable talent mechanism and evaluation mechanism

Small and medium-sized hair salons are limited by various objective conditions, so they should actively create conditions and create a good atmosphere. In addition, it is also necessary to carry out irregular assessment and evaluation of all kinds of talents at all levels, and establish an assessment system for all kinds of talents according to the characteristics of different positions and the level and category of talents, and in accordance with the principle of combining qualitative assessment and quantitative assessment.

What should I do if the hairdressing shop can't recruit people?

Fourth, retain people: pay attention to emotional management

The core of emotional management is to stimulate the positive emotions of employees and achieve effective management through two-way communication and communication of emotions. "Without satisfied employees, there will be no satisfied customers", this is the consensus of salon managers. "Affection" can make up for the weakness, so that employees can experience a sense of belonging and responsibility, so as to integrate their personal development with the development of the salon, and strive for it.