Contains the entry on how to put the haircut cloak.

Contains the entry on how to put the haircut cloak.
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Excellent composition of haircut

Haircut excellent composition 1 childhood, naive, carefree. The immature mind is always filled with some "wonderful ideas". When these wonderful ideas are released, it always surprises adults, and even makes them laugh or cry. In my childhood "Moonlight Box", there are many interesting things, just like the stars in the sky, shining with a little light.

In the morning my mother said that my hair was a little long, so she took me to get a haircut. Because in the past, when I had a haircut, the hair cut would always fall on my neck, which was very itchy. I said to my aunt, "can I put my head back when I get a haircut?" So the hair won't fall on the neck and it won't itch.

Yesterday, my mother took my sister and me to get a haircut. After we got to the barbershop, we waited for a long time before it was our turn to wash our hair. Shampoo in a barber shop is different from shampoo at home. The barber shampoo is washed in a chair, the head is placed in the sink, and the head rests on a black cushion.

Haircut excellent composition 2 I used to cut my hair at home, my father or mother cut it for me. Today, my father and I went to the barber shop to get a haircut. At first I was shy, but then I wasn't shy.

What are the precautions for giving a baby a haircut for the first time?

1. The custom of the baby's first haircut is as follows: to shave the baby's fetal hair for the first time, you must find an old master, which is the kind of respectable old man. It is best to shave your hair after a hundred days. There is such a custom in many places.

2. Note that in the process of washing twice, shampoo is used for the first time and water is used for the second time. In the process of haircutting, there must be 2 or 3 people, one for a haircut, and two for coaxing the baby at any time.

3. Secondly, you must clean your hands when you give your child a haircut, because the child's scalp is not only very delicate, but also can not be contaminated by bacteria, otherwise it is likely to cause some problems in the baby's scalp. Therefore, parents must clean their fingers with soap or water when shaving their children's hair.

4. To give the baby a haircut, you need to take into account the baby's mood so as not to hurt the baby, and the baby moves a lot and is very resistant to a haircut. The first haircut is best at home, so that the baby is more relaxed.

A composition on shaving one's head

Shaving composition 1 I don't like shaving my head very much. After my hair grows, the front hair covers my eyebrows; the back hair looks like a chicken crown, so I dare not go out to see people at all.

The barber came and tied me with a white apron, and then he took a comb in his left hand and scissors in his right hand, combing his hair with a comb and cutting it skillfully at the same time. My dear hair was detached from its existential head between the barber's waves and fell on the apron and on the ground.

Haircut-haircut narrative 350 words this afternoon, I accompanied my mother to get a haircut. I went to the barbershop with books and toys, and the boss said, "who has his hair cut?" I said, "Mom, cut your hair." The boss asked his mother what kind of haircut she wanted, and my mother said, "cut it short and cut it beautifully. You can't cut it into an explosive haircut."

Haircut diary 300 words these days, my nagging old grandmother says that my hair is too long. Today is the first time that my father took me to get a haircut. My uncle at the barber shop asked me to wash my hair first. "Ah?" I cried.