Network marketing of hairdresser's

Network marketing of hairdresser's
Jun 22, 2023admin

How to carry out online promotion in hair salons?

The preheating of online activities will launch customer Heart Welfare month, and promote pictures, text, video and h5 in advance to attract the eyes of customers.

Need to choose the theme, choose the platform, set good keywords, understand the psychology of potential customers, issues of concern.

Can only expand business on multiple platforms, which is also a kind of promotion in disguise. You can develop Mini Program, WeMall or APP by yourself. You can choose a platform developed by others if you think the price is too expensive. For example: store interaction, the offline store and the online mall's core business, including goods, membership, distribution, marketing, reservation and other functions.

How to promote and attract customers in a small hair salon

The first trick: to do a good job in publicity stores, you can use Weibo, Wechat, and self-media to carry out large-scale publicity online, and offline you can distribute leaflets around the store. The content of flyers should be concise and simple: when handing them to customers, they can get to the focus of leaflets in three seconds.

Posters, make a poster of the opening event, either paste it on the glass at the door, or make it in the style of a rollerup and put it in front of the store. Posters try to be attractive in color, the content should be well designed, and washing, cutting, blowing, dyeing and ironing activities are included.

Distribute promotional materials, which can be coupons, vouchers, or purely about hairdressing knowledge, which aims to keep customers abreast of the latest beauty knowledge in order to arouse interest and attract their attention.

You can consider providing something for birthday guests. What kind of activities do hairdressers have to attract customers? Discount, ah, in addition, you can do some free trial activities, you can do your hair for free, and then give you advertising and publicity.

Location is very important, and there will be many barber shops nearby, so that there will be passenger traffic. The barber shop should be lively and play music and songs so as to attract customers. The volume should be controlled well, it will be annoying if it is too noisy.

This is the reason why many small shops can't attract customers. If the technology is not good, it is necessary to make up for it and take part in more training. if you have too much training on the Internet, you can pay an appropriate fee to listen to it, which will certainly be useful to you. Technology is the core, for you now, everything else can be put aside, but the technology should be improved as soon as possible.

Which one is more reliable for marketing planning and promotion?

1. Fei Pai is an Internet marketing team composed of online brand experts and online marketing engineers, including traditional brand public relations planners and online marketing managers.

2, marketing promotion is better: Shanghai Orsace Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Trout Marketing Planning Company; Beijing Ye Maozhong Marketing Planning Company, and so on.

3, mangosteen tales of this company is very powerful, especially to promote small red books, very effective, is recognized as a dark horse in the industry.

4. Suo Xiang network promotion and planning organization: Suo Xiang is a professional team of all-round marketing planning, which is always active in the front line of the Chinese market and often attracts the attention of the industry with sharp marketing techniques.

How to do the network marketing of the hairdresser?

New media channels launch, find some kol or koc to talk about cooperation, let them promote stores, such as Little Red Book, Weibo and other platforms. Free new media channels, Baidu, official account, Little Red Book, etc., do well can open the regional influence of stores, need to have operational control thinking.

Props marketing, borrowing some props for marketing activities is also a good way, it can not only increase entertainment, but also effectively prevent the loss of customers and increase income.

For example: store interaction, the offline store and the online mall's core business, including goods, membership, distribution, marketing, reservation and other functions. Truly realize the retail ecological closed loop of the trinity of consumers, online stores and physical stores. One-stop online and offline sales channels, you can choose according to your actual needs.

The advertisement gift is printed with the name, address and telephone number of the beauty salon chain. Common ones are balloons, tissue paper, almanac, key rings, ballpoint pens and so on. Sometimes the supplier will also provide some advertising products, such as ashtrays, diaries, measuring shirts and so on. In order to quickly establish or maintain brand awareness.