Do you have any tools that can cut the board by yourself?

Do you have any tools that can cut the board by yourself?
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What tools do you need for a haircut?

Flat scissors: tungsten steel haircut scissors the above three tools are ready for your own haircut, if you want to be professional, please add the following tools: tooth scissors: serrated scissors, also known as brush scissors. Can improve the speed of haircut chop comb: women comb flowers to use a copy comb: for long hair, with tooth shears: small pointed scissors that specialize in thinning and thicker hair.

Tools for hairdressing: scissors, combs: haircut comb: (double-sided comb) coarse teeth on one side, distribution line: fine teeth on the other, for hair trimming. Sharp-tailed comb: the main tool for perming, evening dress styling is also available. Haircut comb: teeth of different lengths, the main tool for evening wear, bright hair styling.

Own barber tools: boys: electric pusher, scissors, barber caliper, barber cloth, mirror. Girls: scissors, barber caliper, barber cloth, mirror, hairdryer, curling stick, straight clip.

What kind of ENF board?

1, the ENF level is the new national standard for environmental protection, that is, the formaldehyde emission of the plate is less than or equal to 0.025mg Universe. The ENF grade of the plate is the highest grade of environmental protection, and the front mountain plate is made of formaldehyde-free glue, and the environmental protection grade can reach the national standard ENF.

2. ENF means no formaldehyde, and ENF level can be said to be the strictest formaldehyde standard at present, requiring formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.025mg/m. Compared with the old national standard, although it is very different from the old national standard, it can be said to put forward more stringent standards for plate production and processing enterprises.

3. Enf grade plate is formaldehyde-free raw material plate in the whole process of board making. Enf grade plate is commonly known as the new national standard of plate.

4. ENF means no formaldehyde, and the emission standard of formaldehyde without formaldehyde is less than or equal to 0.025mg/m. ENF is the GB/T 39600mur2021 "formaldehyde Emission Classification of Wood-based panels and their products" administered by the Wood-based Panel Standardization Technical Committee of China, and it has been formally implemented since October 1st, 2021.

5. The top ten brands of enf sheet are Qianshan, Bunny, Mogan Mountain, Millennium Boat, King Coconut and so on. There are many enf-grade plate brands, such as Qianshan, Bunny, Mogan Mountain, Millennium Boat, King Coconut and other well-known brands have their own ENF-grade plate.

Is there a tool that can quickly cut the head by itself and adjust the size according to the shape of the head?

If you find that your hair is uneven, some places are short and some places are long, you need to use hair-cutting scissors to comb and cut your hair carefully, so that the length of your hair is roughly the same. in this way, it will not make others look like your hair is uneven and uneven will look very strange.

The second is Meitu. I believe you are no stranger to this software. Yes, this is the photo beauty software often used by our girl friends, which can help put all kinds of bad factors in photos to beauty. At the same time, you can also experience the special effects of Cuntou. Open app, search for Cuntou special effects, and then go into the shooting status.

Most of the friends with this type of hair will choose long hair, so you only need to learn to thin and simply cut the sideburns. Some friends whose hair quality, face shape or head shape are not very good, or do not choose their own haircut, haircut is also known as hairdressing, the aim is to change the hairstyle to make the face more perfect.

On the problem of shaving your head with electric push shears

1. Touch your head with your hand, find the hair that is longer than your surroundings, and then push it with a hairdresser. 1 remove the lower limit comb, directly use the hairdresser, from top to bottom, quickly push, clean the fluff of the back neck. Wash the broken hair on the head with shower head and shampoo in the bathroom, then dry it with a hair dryer.

2. A non-professional can use a limit comb (caliper) to trim a simple inch head or push a bald head. Limit comb (caliper) has different sizes, you can choose the desired hairstyle length of the limit comb (caliper) installed on the electric push shears to fix the length of hairstyle trimming.

3. Wash your hair first (this will give you a better sense of layering). The hair dryer will blow the hair half dry and adjust the gear you need. it is recommended by the novice to default (the electric haircut is pushed to the haircut for the longest) (the shorter the haircut is, the shorter the hair is).

4. It's not feasible unless you want to shave. Or your hair must be messed up. Going to the barbershop won't cost much more, and it's beautiful.

How to cut the cun head?

The method of distinguishing shaving is different, the cun is mainly completed by the shaver, the round head needs to be rounded by the shaver and then trimmed with scissors, and the cun is mainly used to complete one long and one short. Round inch head feature: a male hairstyle, which is a kind of inch head, which is different from a flat head.

If the outline of the face is more prominent, and the cheekbones are more prominent, a fresh and capable head. The suit, which is quite formal in collocation, highlights the calm and gentlemanly side of the man, and shows the super masculinity.

The gradual inch hairstyle should first cut all the hair short, and then pay attention to the side styling design: the position of the sideburns, scrape out the regular hairline with a razor, so that the whole person appears more delicate; the side hair, push out the gradient effect from bottom to top with fader, the sense of hierarchy is extremely strong, handsome is also very high at the same time.

Standard military personnel inch head standard: according to the "regulations on Internal Affairs of the Chinese people's Liberation Army" military appearance and style: soldiers' hair should be neat. Male soldiers shall not have long hair, big sideburns and beard, hair shall not be exposed outside the hat, the length of the hair under the hat wall shall not exceed 5cm, female soldiers' hair braids shall not exceed their shoulders, and female soldiers shall not perm their hair.

The carving board inch chooses the basic shape of the board inch, but the hair at the top is long, trim it a little, and focus on carving the hair on the side to form the shape of carved flowers, cool and lovely. If the child wears a suit, he can look fashionable and gentlemanly.

How to use an electric fader to round yourself?

Give your own haircut, the simplest hairstyle is of course bald, just take the electric pusher, follow the hair style to push the hair off. The electric fader can cut a round-inch hairstyle with a caliper. In other words, to cut your own hair, the simplest and most feasible hairstyle is the round inch hairstyle.

This is a critical step, remove the caliper, adjust the fader tooth spacing to a minimum, and first deal with the hair of the hairline. Push bit by bit, the bottom fader is affixed to the scalp, and the angle is gradually adjusted to the position of convergence. You can also use the fader to make a mark in the connecting position, push the light on the hair below, and then make a gradual transition from the position of the connecting line.

The round-inch cutting method is relatively simple, that is, using a limited comb in front of the electric fader, cutting off the hair with an electric pusher, measuring the length of the hair with a caliper, not cutting it too short, and finally trimming the sideburns, cutting off the back neck hair with a fader, and the round inch is cut.

The step is to tie the hair to the back with a rubber band, and the reserved length of the hair can be determined according to your own needs. The step is to tie up the hair of the answer face to one side and cut it to the reserved length with scissors. Step: hold the hair in the left hand and push the hair section flat with the razor in the right hand.

To cut your own hair, the simplest thing is to get a bald head, which requires almost no technology. Anyone can get a haircut with an electric fader. The second is the round inch, as long as the avatar looks good, an electric fader, put on the caliper, push off the excess hair along the head shape, and a beautiful original will be done. First use the electric pusher with a caliper to shorten the long hair.

Below, we will use the motion picture decomposed from a video of Chen Weiting to give you a tutorial on round-inch hairstyle. Round inch is the most easily cut hairstyle, but also the best to master the hairstyle, almost no skills, electric pusher put on the caliper, along the head shape to push the hair off.