What's with the oil in the barber chair?

What's with the oil in the barber chair?
Jun 18, 2023admin

How often the hair oils to return a responsibility?

1, hair oil is fast because of physical reasons, some oily physique, not only hair oil, the face and back will be oil. Some are due to other reasons, such as: excessive stress can also lead to your endocrine disorders, the result is that your hair oil is out of control.

2. My hair is often cut. The longer the hair, the more drooping it will be under gravity, and the greater the pulling force on the root of the hair, so the more oily and flattened it will be. It is recommended that people trim their hair at least once a month, which can not only help control oil, but also protect the root of hair.

Factor one: if the congenital factor is born with exuberant sebaceous glands, it will cause hair to produce oil, which is the so-called oily skin.

Diet: diet is one of the important external factors that lead to the emergence of oil in our hair. Heavy taste, too greasy diet will affect blood circulation, metabolism, in addition, the sebaceous glands on the head will also be affected to secrete oil, not only that, the body will often appear greasy situation.

How to repair the booster pump of the barber chair

The connection keys above the hydraulic oil pump or motor can be replaced or repaired. The sliding key inside the hydraulic oil pump is stuck.

As for the maintenance of hydraulic oil pump is not difficult, here is a simple and practical method: rough grinding. Choose to put the 12-inch coarse water abrasive cloth on the flat glass and add a little oil and 80 mesh abrasive, and then put the oil distribution plate flat on the water sand cloth for flat grinding. The technique of flat grinding is to turn while grinding, and the track is in the shape of "8".

Contact the maintenance department for maintenance. The safest thing is to change to a traditional safe and risk-free chair. Air ng, air pump is an air pump, which is a device for removing air from a closed space or adding air from an enclosed space. The air pump is divided into electric air pump and manual air pump, foot air pump.

It's easy to get oil after straightening your hair. what's going on?

Because the nourishing liquid is used after straightening, and the perm lotion will make the hair dry and rough, so it is not easy to oil. In addition, straight hair has better adhesion.

Straightening is the most harmful to the hair because it changes the basic molecular structure of the hair. Causing greasy hair.

This is because they secrete too much sebum; but as you get older, the endocrine glands change and the situation changes, but this is not absolute, so you may have oily skin and hair all the time. There are many people with oily hair, the hair quality is relatively fine.

Why do I feel that my hair looks less oily every time I straighten it?

How to fill in the lack of hydraulic oil in the haircut chair?

In fact, the hydraulic support rod is called air spring, which is filled with nitrogen as the source of power, and the oil in it is only used as a lubrication and buffer, which is not necessary. Oil leakage does not mean that the air spring is damaged and can be used normally. Oil is injected during production and cannot be added after molding.

The boss's chair can refuel the hydraulic rod. The way to add hydraulic oil: find the rubber stopper of the pull rod. Pull out this rubber stopper. You can add hydraulic oil. There is no way to add hydraulic oil to the rubber stopper: pull out the small piston rod under the pressure rod. There will be small steel balls inside, and hydraulic oil will be added from here.

Check the hydraulic oil. First of all, check whether the hydraulic oil is enough, if not, add hydraulic oil. Observe whether the spool is stuck, how flexible it is to move up and down, and finally observe whether the hydraulic gauge is normal.

Add hydraulic oil before you try it. Check whether the connecting pipe of the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic fuel tank is broken, if it is broken, it will inhale air, resulting in insufficient pressure. Hydraulic pressure is a term in machinery industry and mechanical and electrical industry. Hydraulic power transmission can be used to become hydraulic transmission.

Hardware mold apprentice? I do not know whether to do mold processing or stamping, doing mold involves milling machines, CNC lathes and other processing equipment also has a certain degree of danger. Hit the punch. Personally, I think it's dangerous. It belongs to special operation. It is protected by photoelectricity. When the mold is closed up and down. When it starts.

How to unlock the hairdressing chair oil pump if it doesn't rotate

Reassemble with the new gas tank in place, you can reinstall the basic chair. Use a wrench to tighten all bolts and nuts and remove. When the entire chair is reassembled, check to see if the cylinder works properly by adjusting the height of the seat.

Check the hydraulic oil. First of all, check whether the hydraulic oil is enough, if not, add hydraulic oil. Observe whether the spool is stuck, how flexible it is to move up and down, and finally observe whether the hydraulic gauge is normal.

There is a screw head blocking the throttle on the throttle handle of the fuel pump (the maximum speed of the engine can be adjusted by adjusting the length of the screw head). There is also a screw head blocking the throttle in the opposite direction to block the throttle and adjust the length of the screw head on it.

Manually change the automatic lubricating oil pump, directly release the screen cap, rotate and adjust the handwheel. Then press the system key, then press PMC and TIMER, and finally find NO40 to set SET.