Electric Razor: Working Principle, Benefits, and Bolang 7 Series Review

Electric Razor: Working Principle, Benefits, and Bolang 7 Series Review
Jun 13, 2023admin
Discover the working principle of an electric razor and its benefits, including fast and convenient shaving. Learn about the Bolang 7 series electric razor, known for its cross-pruning technology that ensures a thorough and comfortable shaving experience.

Introduction of electric razor

The principle of the electric razor is that the electric motor drives the blade and the fixed blade to do relative shear movement, and when the beard enters the net of the fixed blade, the beard cuts it short.

Faster. With an electric razor, you can shave as you prepare to go out, finish shaving and run out the door in a few minutes. This is one of the main attractions of electric razors. Save money.

Bolang 7 series electric razor can be said to be one of the best choices on the market at present. Its cross-pruning technology combines the high-speed moving omentum with the blade moving in the opposite direction perfectly, forming a cross-pruning effect and providing fast, thorough and comfortable shaving enjoyment.

The electric razor is mainly composed of shell (including battery box), motor (or electromagnet), mesh cover (including outer blade, fixed knife), inner blade (movable knife) and inner tool holder. The outer shell is made of plastic, the mesh cover is made of stainless steel, and the inner blade is made of carbon steel. The working principle of electric razor is essentially shearing principle.

Ask about the working principle of the electromagnetic fader

The main contents are as follows: 1. A propulsion method that uses the interaction between the current and the magnetic field in the conductive gas to make the gas jet at high speed and produce thrust. The working medium used is ionized high temperature gas-plasma, so it is also called plasma propulsion.

2. ① coordinates well with the slot of the upper blade fixed frame through the eccentric shaft installed on the motor, when the motor is running, the eccentric ring converts the upper blade into the left and right balance of the upper blade, and reciprocates at the eccentric distance of 5, thus achieving the effect of a shear.

3. The main quality problems: first, the input power deviation does not meet the requirements of the standard. The difference between the measured power of the product and the explicit rated power is too large, and the deviation exceeds the standard requirements. This problem exists in two batches of products in this spot check. Second, abnormal work does not meet the requirements of the standard.

4. After the coil is electrified, the moving core produces axial linear movement, which plays the function of pushing and pulling the external load device. When the iron core is inserted inside the electrified solenoid, the iron core is magnetized by the magnetic field of the electrified solenoid. The magnetized core also becomes a magnet, so that the magnetism of the solenoid is greatly enhanced because the two magnetic fields are superimposed on each other.

The working principle of the motherboard of electric push shearing (light touch switch board)

No jumper motherboard this is a new type of motherboard and a further improvement to the PnP motherboard. On this kind of motherboard, even the type and working voltage of CPU do not need to use jumper switch, and can be identified automatically, only need to be adjusted slightly by software. The CPU that passes through Remark will have nothing to hide on this motherboard.

Classified by CPU socket, such as Socket 7 motherboard, Slot 1 motherboard, etc. Classified by memory capacity, such as 16m motherboard, 32m motherboard, 64m motherboard and so on. Classify by plug and play, such as PnP motherboard, non-PnP motherboard, etc. Classified according to the bandwidth of the system bus, such as 66MHz motherboard, 100MHz motherboard, etc.

The working principle of the motherboard: under the circuit board, there are staggered circuit wiring; above, there are various parts with a clear division of labor: slots, chips, resistors, capacitors and so on.

The main body of the motherboard is a multi-layer PCB circuit board, which not only has the basic circuit system needed for computer operation, but also adds all kinds of chips and interfaces to meet the various functions of the computer and the hardware expansion needs of users.

Motherboard power supply circuit: around the power interface and CPU slot, there are some neatly arranged large capacitors and high-power voltage regulators, plus filter coils and voltage regulator control integrated circuits, which constitute the power supply part of the motherboard. The reasonable design of the power supply circuit can make the motherboard work more stably and reduce the panic phenomenon.

The motherboard adopts an open structure. Most of the motherboards have 6-15 expansion slots for the control card (adapter) of PC peripherals to plug in. By replacing these cards, the corresponding subsystems of microcomputers can be locally upgraded, so that manufacturers and users have more flexibility in configuring models.