How to design a barber shop in a flat garage

How to design a barber shop in a flat garage
Jun 15, 2023admin

How to design and decorate the barber shop space?

The reception area should be flexibly arranged according to the size of the storefront, the sofa with similar style should be placed according to the storefront, if the space is enough to put on the coffee table, try to make use of the position near the door, and if there is not enough space, you can set up a small and fine reception area.

We can choose the color of the ceiling in line with the lighting effect of the barber shop and the cultural and artistic atmosphere according to the actual needs. Different areas of ceilings and floors should be different, but also pay attention to the environmental protection of materials.

The barber shop interior decoration method chooses the light and joyful and clear color as the decoration main color, the wall, the floor, the smallpox and so on use the large area modelling color, the detail part passes the special treatment. We often use floor-to-ceiling glass to decorate and design the entrance of the barber shop to increase the sense of expansion and permeability of the store.

There is a 20-square-meter garage near the gate of the community. I want to open a small shop. What should I do?

Interior decoration: including shop interior decoration, shelf customization, all equipment and operating appliances, signboard production, etc. Opening a pottery shop in the garage is a very advanced choice.

Open a bookstore for children, can be better near the primary school, business area of 20 square meters on it, expenses are mainly rent and liquidity. The children's bookstore should serve mainly preschoolers and primary and secondary school students, with some children and enlightenment books, and thousands of kinds of books.

You go do a laundry. The reasons are as follows: first, the area of the store should not be too large.

What kind of business does the flat shop do? 1 the tea culture of the milk tea shop is so popular that the 20 square meter shop is a good place to open a milk tea shop. Of course, 20 square meters of the store can only open a small-scale start-up store, but if the store location is good, the business prospect of the milk tea shop is still very good.

Can I open a hair salon in the street garage?

1. Legal analysis: of course, it is illegal to report to the department for industry and commerce. The purpose of the garage is to park the car, not to use it.

2. The opening of a hairdressing shop in the garage changes the nature of the garage. The garage is the place where cars are parked. Reason with the boss and explain the stakes. Opening a hair salon in the garage will have an impact on the residents upstairs, so you can negotiate with the owner together with the owner.

3. Depending on the location of the garage, the garage in the district can open a delivery station, supermarket, beauty salon and manicure, home appliance maintenance, massage, etc., and have professional technology to open a retail drugstore, clinic, etc., which will not affect the residents of the community, and facilitate some small businesses of the residents of the community.

4. In principle, it is illegal to open a shop in the garage, and it is best not to open a shop in the garage. However, some shops use the property rights certificate of the owners' houses to apply for industrial and commercial licenses, and some shops have been registered in other places in the past.

5. To open a shop in your own garage, it is legal to obtain the consent of the interested owner and go through the examination and approval formalities at the Bureau of Industry and Commerce and other departments.

6. It can be promoted through offline publicity and social media. Offline publicity: flyers, posters and other promotional materials can be distributed nearby to introduce the services, advantages and characteristics of the garage barber shop, so as to attract more customers to come for a haircut.

20 square meters, 2.7 meters wide, length-based storefront. How can I decorate a good barber shop?

1. The concept of a good barber shop is not the same as before. A good barber shop is generally designed as a leisure styling club for beauty, manicure, body and hairdressing. After positioning, take two floors to decorate. The area of the first floor can be smaller as a welcome area. The second floor is used to sell services. I just saw that the landlord is 20 square meters.

2. Accurate calculation method: (room length / floor length) × (room width / floor width) = the number of blocks used. For a room with a length of 8 meters and a block of 5 meters, the floor size of 900 × 90 × 0.18 meters is taken as an example: the room is 8 meters long and the board length is 0.9 meters = 9, and the room width is 5 meters / 0.09 meters wide = 56.

3, take the clothing store as an example: the door entering the store can be appropriately expanded, the door is too small, and transparent glass is used on the other side. Generally speaking, clothing store design should follow the following principles: clothing display is unified as a whole. Clothing arrangement, connection and collocation. The setting of clothing structure is practical and effective.

4. Confirm the price and sign the contract: after determining the approximate cost of design planning and materials, you can contact some decorators. It is best to consult some professionals to introduce more reliable decorators and sign a contract with them.

5, to see the door in the 3-meter wall, or in the 7-meter wall, if the 3-meter wall can leave a bathroom on one side of the door, separate the balcony on the opposite wall, and then separate the balcony from a small kitchen on the OK.

6. After the completion of the mud tile project, cabinets, wardrobes and other custom furniture service personnel can be arranged to re-measure the dimensions. Especially embedded household appliances, the latest time to determine the size of household appliances.

How to decorate a 20 square meter garage

After the walls are whitewashed, apply anti-mildew paint. Anti-collision strips can be installed on the back wall if necessary, and the drainage system at the back of the garage should be done to prevent water from entering the garage in case of heavy rain. Aluminum alloy rolling gates for garage doors. 3, supporting facilities such as lights, sockets, exhaust fans are necessary, anti-theft alarm, camera and so on can be installed if necessary.

The location of water and electricity, people living alone in the garage need to set up a bathroom. Wall treatment, latex paint can be simply brushed. Ground treatment, properly raised to prevent Rain Water from entering the room, laying floor tiles to facilitate cleaning. Transformation of doors and windows to ensure convenient access and residential lighting requirements.

Increase daylighting: garages usually have no windows, so additional lighting facilities are needed to install transparent glass or transparent panels on roofs or walls. Strengthen sound insulation: the effect of sound insulation in garages is usually poor, and sound insulation materials can be installed on walls and ceilings.

The decoration method is as follows: the doors of the roll gate garage are generally very large, so that it is convenient for vehicles to get in and out. Therefore, the exit gate should be made of aluminum alloy material roll gate. It is convenient to get in and out, open and close the door with one button of remote control. The wall brushes the mildew proof paint the wall of the garage does not need to use what beautiful decoration, simply whitewash is OK.

Because the garage is usually located on the first floor, we can decorate it into a more beautiful style, and then put a coffee table and stool inside, and then prepare a set of tea sets, which can be used as a place for drinking tea. When friends come to their own house, you can drink tea directly here, and it's okay to chat.