How to install the blade of electric haircut shears

How to install the blade of electric haircut shears
Jun 13, 2023admin

Installation method of Philips electric pusher head

1. The installation steps of the Philips razor head are as follows: first hold the protective cover of the razor by hand, then push up to open the protective cover, and also hold the razor head and push it up to open the razor head.

2. First, clean the electric brush and keep it horizontal with two screw holes facing up in order to install the knife head. Put the small knife head on the brush and get stuck. Note that the two holes of the small knife head are aligned with the two screw holes on the brush to facilitate the installation of screws in the later stage. Then put the big knife head on top of the small one.

3. The method of installing the head of the shaving pusher is as follows: confirm the model of the knife head: different models of the shaving fader may need different heads, so you need to confirm whether the purchased head is suitable for your own shaving pusher. Remove the old knife head: open the knife head lock of the shaving pusher and take off the old knife head.

4. Put the new razor head on the bracket. Then place the fixing ring on the razor head and rotate clockwise to reinstall the fixing ring. Replace the razor head bracket back into the razor head assembly (you can hear a "click"). Razor profile: (daily necessities) utensils for shaving beards.

5. If it can be removed normally, it can certainly be installed. You first install the head, install the two blades, then install the fixed frame of the two blades, and then combine it with the handle. The process of rotating the blade and the fixing frame several times, it will get stuck. Set it up, drive once, and your head won't fly out.

The electric push-cut disassembly diagram, the two iron plates connected to the end are placed like this?

First of all, you need to remove the knife head of the electric push shears and clean it for use, as shown in the following picture. Next, you need to align the buckle under the knife head to the buckle slot of the main engine, as shown in the following picture.

Find some recommended buckles. Hang the tail of the blade with the buckle. Put the limit comb horizontally close to the blade. Press and hold the thumb limit comb and push forward to jam the knife head; as shown below. Electric push scissors are tools for haircutting and hairdressing. Electric push shears are generally divided into two types, one is plug-in type, the other is charging type.

Drop 1-4 drops of fader oil on the blade before using electric push shears. When using other parts such as the fuselage or blade, it will be a little hot, which does not affect its performance. It is recommended that after a haircut, let the fader rest for 10 minutes.

This is the first practical electric push shear with a drive motor in the fuselage, which overcomes the inconvenience of using a soft shaft to connect the push shear fuselage and an independent motor. At the end of the 1920s, Leo's company produced thousands of push shears, using it in barber shops all over the United States.

Out of the blade, the general haircut did not say that there are 2 pieces of iron connection ah. If you are electromagnetic, it should be simple, first put the small blade (moving knife) face down, installed on the swinging head, then press the large blade (static knife) face up on the knife, and fasten it with 2 special screws.

How to install the electric push scissors head

1. First of all, the knife head of the electric push shearing needs to be removed and cleaned for use, as shown in the following figure.

2. Point the flat side of the product to the top and gently press it into the machine. (you need to hear a "click" sound when preparing for the slot to be reloaded to make sure it is fully loaded.

3. When installing the knife head, first insert the positioning bar at the end of the knife head into the positioning slot of the hair clipper, and then press down the tool head, which can be installed. One thing to pay attention to is that the power supply must be cut off, in order to prevent accidentally touching the switch while removing the knife head and turning on the switch to accidentally hurt yourself, so the power supply must be cut off before removing the knife head.

4. First, clean the knife head of the electric push shears. Press the buckle under the head to the slot of the main engine of the electric pusher and press it along the slot, so that the push can be installed. It is also recommended that you refer to the instructions and follow the steps to do a good job.