What are the specific steps to do your hair?

What are the specific steps to do your hair?
Jun 10, 2023admin

Perm process steps

Pick up the hair on both sides and wrap the ends with perm paper. Roll the ends of the wrapped hair inward with a curling bar and fasten it with a belt. Arrange the bar according to the need of the hairstyle, and the curly bar can also adjust the height of the curly hair. The general effect of the roll.

Perm step ceramic perm (rod with ceramic casing) (1) cleaning, No. 1 agent softening, flushing. (2) upper heating rod, ceramic machine changing plastic rod, upper shaping, flushing, modeling. No softening and scalding: (ceramic machine and digital machine can be operated. The digital machine is a hot plastic rod.

Perm process: 1, communication hairstyle: when a customer comes to do his hair, he should first communicate with the customer about the hairstyle he wants to do and the effect he wants, and then tailor one for the guest according to his own ideas.

Shampoo: the grease in the hair is to protect the hair, do not wash the grease, the perm effect is poor. If you want to blanch, put on the softener first. If you want to do a cold perm, roll the bar first. Blanching is first chemistry followed by physics, cold ironing is first physics followed by chemistry.

The steps for a cold perm at home are as follows: before perming, you should first determine the type of perm you want to design. Rinse your hair with warm water first, then rinse it with conditioner after shampoo. Apply the lotion evenly to the desired height of the hair, and determine the time to soften according to the type of damage to the hair.

The operation procedure of cold perm is generally as follows: hair partition, curl, heat, perm solution, neutralizer, bar rinse. ① hair zone after shampoo, the hair will be properly dried, the head hair will be divided into several areas (parts), in order to curl hair, generally can be divided into 9-10 areas.

How do boys do their own hairstyles at home? Find a solution

1. First of all, blow your hair to about 80% dry, as shown in the following picture. Then, use your hands to grab the hair on the top of your head and blow it toward the root, as shown in the following image. Try to blow your hair fluffy, as shown in the following picture. Then blow the hair dryer in the direction of the bangs, as shown in the following picture.

2, you can choose a styled baby according to your hair quality, the hair is relatively soft, it is not easy to prop up, it is recommended that you first use fluffy powder to fluffy your hair, you can easily get the effect you want. Then use styling dry glue to set it.

3. ② gel or hair wax can be clipped and scratched out your favorite hairstyle with your hands. (because the hair will return to its former appearance when exposed to water, the gel hair clipped and styled will naturally look good, and you can make good-looking hair without a famous haircut.

4. Wash your hair before going out and blow it to half dry with a hair dryer. You don't have to pay attention to how to blow, just blow dry. Get ready for the big white head, Moxi, put on the headgear. After putting on the big white head Mosigan headband, according to the shape of our head, let the headband stick to our head, and then straighten out the hair.

The steps of learning to get a haircut

1. Go to the barber shop to learn how to get a haircut in the form of an apprentice. In the early stage, you are more likely to run errands. There are many customers in the shop, and the barber can only teach you when there are no guests in your spare time. And there is no guarantee that you can learn the real haircut skills, because the skills of barbers in each store are different.

2. The first step for a novice to learn the basic steps of a haircut is to master how to use tools, including those used for blowing, cutting, ironing, etc. Among them, to cut hair as an important link, you need to learn from how to get the tools to the techniques used.

3. The basic steps for a novice to learn a haircut include: proficiency in the use of tools (such as scissors, hairdryer, etc.), mastery of various shearing methods (such as cut, notch cut, flying cut, slipperm, etc.), and learning a perm, which is only the most basic step for a novice. Haircut technique: cut off your hair neatly with scissors.

How to tie your hair to look good

1. Divide the hair into two halves on average. Then take out a small spot in half of the hair and put it on the other side to hold on. Just put the other side over here and hold on tight and repeat it all the time. Repeat the above steps, put the other side over and hold on tight, and just repeat this thing all the time.

Step 1 divide the hair on both sides into (2) (3) two parts, and the back hair is (1), twisted into strands and fixed with hairpins. Step 2 tie the tip of the hair (1) inward with a rubber band like a fold, so that the back looks like an open fan.

3, the hair can be tied into four braids to look good, the specific steps are as follows: first, divide the hair into four strands, followed by the first, second, third and fourth strands from left to right. Then four shares hold down the third share, one share and two shares remain motionless.

4. Comb your hair and tie a tall ponytail with a leather band. The ponytail is evenly divided into two parts, then twisted, and the tail is fixed near the root with a hairpin. Twist the left side, circle around the root of the hair, and secure it with a hairpin.

5. First of all, comb your hair neatly, fold it up to the back of your head, and then tie it up with a black rubber band. Then, as shown in the picture, above the rubber band, open a small hole with your hand.

How to do hair styling

Therefore, it is suggested that you should pay attention when trimming your hair curtain: first, wash your hair first, then start styling after your hair is dry, and don't use a comb; second, don't change the direction of your hair, don't pick it up and cut it, because it's easy to cut too short; third, don't cut it horizontally, it's easy to make mistakes.

The hair is combed, parted slightly on the side, and curled inside with a curling stick. Take a small bunch of hair on the side and twist it. Fix the small hair clump with a hairpin, and then adjust the rest of the hair. Simple, daily can also change a variety of different hairpins, have a different feeling.

Short hair can be styled. Let's take a look at how these short hair styles are done. Shoulder-length short hair is easy to create a gentle look, divide the hair into three or seven parts, and then straighten the hair. Will be able to create a very gentle and generous shape. The limitations of this style are very high, and many people reflect that they do not look good when they create it.

The first step is to spray moisturizing spray on the hair to keep it soft and moist for better styling, and then use the ear as the dividing line to separate the hair above the ear from the lower hair. The second step is to comb the top of the ear neatly and twist it together, and secure it with one hand when you twist it to the end of the hair.

Short hair styling long hairstyle is very suitable for formal occasions of a hairstyle, it can make you look more elegant and generous. Then twist your hair into a twist. Then, twist the hair into a bun and secure it with a hairpin.