What principles should be followed in hairstyle selection

What principles should be followed in hairstyle selection
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How much do you know about hair etiquette?

1. (7) the hairstyle should match the nationality. Each nation has its own hair style and hair color, so don't dye your hair blindly or imitate some strange hairstyles in the West. If Asian women dye their hair blond, they do not match their skin and facial features and look irrelevant.

2. No perm, no hair dye, no long hair for boys. Simple, generous and energetic. Girls: short hair should be neatly and neatly pasted, not trimmed into various strange styles or braided hair, no shawl long hair, no perm hair dye.

3. In business etiquette, the standard of men's hairstyle is clean and tidy, and attention should be paid to frequent grooming and repair.

4. Therefore, a business etiquette expert once pointed out: "whenever people meet a business person strangely, they mostly pay attention to each other's hair, make-up, dress and so on." Because of this, if a business person does not want to damage his or her image, he cannot ignore the above points when he goes out to socialize.

5. The hairstyle should be simple, dignified, mature and stable for the elderly. Therefore, it is more suitable for short or dish hair with large flowers, giving people a gentle and amiable feeling, while young people should pay attention to neatness and health, beauty and generosity, novelty and chic. It is more suitable for coiled hair, braided hair, short hair, long hair and so on.

How to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the face? If you understand these design rules, you can test your hairstyle by yourself.

When the forehead is narrow or the hairline is spinning and the growth direction is irregular, you can also choose a partial long bangs hairstyle, so that the exposed part of the forehead plays a role in showing the length of the face. the half cheek covered by long bangs can also cover and modify the face, and a few strands of broken hair can be left on the side, which is charming and moving.

The method of choosing hairstyle according to face shape is as follows: round face recommended hairstyle: suitable for collarbone, partial long hair, ball head or pear head, and small curly long hair. Goose egg face recommended hairstyle: basically can control all hairstyles, but choose slightly curly long hair will have more goddess temperament.

Long face is more suitable for some shoulder-length short hair, plus translucent air bangs can appropriately shorten the length of the face, add a bit more elegant temperament.

According to the face design hairstyle, at present, there are not many personality designs, generally choose some hairstyles that have appeared or are in fashion.

Round face suitable for shoulder-length hair or ball head round face of girls with smooth lines, no obvious edges and depressions, this kind of face looks round and lovely, suitable for a variety of hairstyles. Can wear shoulder hair or collarbone perm, if you do not want to take care of it, comb a tall ball hair, is also very lovely.

If you want to test what kind of hairstyle you fit, you must first determine the shape of your face. Then match the hairstyle according to the shape of the face. Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge. Goose egg face: the forehead and cheekbones are basically the same width, and the length of the face is about 5 times the width of the face.

What principles should be followed in hairstyle selection

1, men's hairstyle should follow to enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, to look at the face, to comply with the three major principles of temperament.

2. Judge according to the style of clothing. Some girls prefer to wear sweaters, knitting style clothes, this kind of warm and soft full of autumn flavor, for hairstyle choice is more free, such as straight short hair, medium-long straight hair, small ponytail and all kinds of micro-curly short hair, are in harmony with this kind of style.

3. The key to doing a hairstyle is to make the hairstyle as diamond-shaped as possible, because the faces of Asians are generally flat and wide, and most hairstyles are designed to lengthen the face, or show a smaller face, or divert attention from the lower jaw. so try to put the center of gravity of the hairstyle upward, the top of the head should be fluffy, can not collapse.

4. (1) the hairstyle should match the shape of the face. The general principle is to make the curve of the hairstyle reconcile with the lines of the face, and use the fluffy and cover of the hair to make up for the defect of the face. Generally speaking. Melon seed face shape with any hair dish has a better effect. And the one with a long face. It is suitable for a banged hairstyle.

5. Different hair colors bring different feelings to others. For young girls, in addition to choosing a hairstyle that suits them, it is also very important to choose a hair color that suits them. Try some different colors, it may make your image have a different effect.

6. Round face: arrange the hair on the top of the head and cover the ears and part of the cheeks with the front bangs to reduce the roundness of the face. 2. Square face: similar to a round face, its hairstyle should cover the forehead and comb the hair to both sides and subordinates, resulting in a narrow and supple face.

How to find a hairstyle that suits you

1. See what hairstyle you are suitable for mainly depends on the face, the round face recommends side points, the long face recommends bangs, the square face can be short hair, and the diamond face recommends fluffy side points or middle points. Although the face shape of many friends is not so standard, but the choice of hairstyle is generally based on the face shape, correctly distinguish the face shape in order to choose their own hairstyle.

2, choose soft romantic curly hair, this effect will be better, because, this will reduce the stiff, rigid feeling. In order to make the face look longer, we can choose a hairstyle that makes the top hair fluffy, which is also good. Long broken hair, straight hair is also more suitable for such a face.

3. According to the outline of your face, you can find the elements that can match your hairstyle. These elements add up to form your own hairstyle, as well as cold and warm colors, and choose the hair color that suits you. How can I find it? The length-width ratio of the face determines what to do with the hair in the bangs area.

4. I use the beauty camera here to see which hairstyle suits me, so I need to turn on the beauty camera in my mobile phone first. Then click the Yan Research Institute on the right side of the screen. Then click on the hair butler. Then click to take a picture. Then click the shoot button on the screen. Then click "√" on the screen.

Which three principles should be followed in men's hairstyle?

Men's hairstyle should follow to enhance their strengths and avoid weaknesses, to look at the shape of the face, to comply with the three major principles of temperament.

There are also personal hobbies in the workplace. As long as it is not different or exaggerated.

In business etiquette, the standard of men's hairstyle is clean and tidy, we should pay attention to frequent grooming and repair.

Make use of the natural curl of your hair to catch a sense of fluffy and well-defined hair. Dye hair with brown latte to make the hairstyle lines more natural and soft, and effectively highlight the three-dimensional facial features, creating a perfect men's hairstyle.