What's the use of the plastic head in front of the hair dryer? can you buy it?

What's the use of the plastic head in front of the hair dryer? can you buy it?
Jun 18, 2023admin

What's that in front of the hair dryer in the hair salon?

This is an external accessory that focuses on the wind. It is generally sold in shops that deal in washing products, and the price is not very expensive. The hair dryer is a barber's tool. It is mainly used for hair drying and plastic surgery, but it can also be used for local drying, heating and physiotherapy in laboratories, physiotherapy rooms, industrial production, art and other aspects.

Need. The hair dryer is composed of a group of electric heating wires and a small fan with high speed. When electrified, the electric heating wire will produce heat, and the wind blown by the fan will become hot air after passing through the electric heating wire. The head in front is a protective measure to prevent scald, which is very necessary.

Using the air inlet at the back of the hair dryer to absorb hair plays a role in styling, and the effect of styling can only be achieved by alternating hot and cold air when modeling. The hair dryer gives off hot air on the front and cold air on the back.

What's the name of the plastic that shrinks as soon as you blow the hair dryer?

1. It is called heat shrinkable film. Heat-shrinkable film is used for the sales and transportation of various products, and its main function is to stabilize, cover and protect products. The shrinkage film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress. The biggest advantage of heat-shrinkable film is that the product can be well protected by surface heating.

2. Plastic film. Plastic film, also known as card protection film, over-glue film. A material used to plastic paper, usually containing plastic ingredients. Before use, cut out the appropriate size of plastic sealing paper according to the size of the paper to be molded. Generally, plastic packaging paper of various standard specifications, such as AA6, is sold on the market.

3. just like the vacuum bag, the vacuum bag compresses things by pumping some air inside, and the plastic sheet is heated by blowing it with a hair dryer, just like the mineral water bottle when you boil the water, the plastic sheet that wraps the shoes will be tightly wrapped when heated.

4, this is called "heat-shrinkable film" or "heat-shrinkable film", there are barrel-shaped and single-tensioned, any size. You can buy it online.

5. The heat-shrinkable bag can be heat-shrinkable and encapsulated with a hot hair dryer, which can be used to encapsulate the remote control and other things.

The barber shop saw a T-shaped plastic tube that helps blow hair. What's its name? Where can I buy it?

1, perm, do hair (called water perm in the industry) all use the same kind of thing. Perm slightly thinner, called "perm bar" pad with cotton paper, roll, with rubber trap, apply liquid; hair called curl, slightly thick, but also with thorns, the purpose is to comb the hair.

2. It is "roll comb". The rolling comb can make the grease at the root of the hair evenly distributed in the head, making the hair more shiny. Proper scalp grease can also protect hair, of course, too much will be very greasy. Sideburns hair material roll comb and human hair scale growth state is similar, comb hair can better comb off hair scale dust, make hair cleaner.

3. The barber's tool that looks like a mace is called a rolling comb. Comb your hair with a roll, fix it, and blow it with a hair dryer to make it fluffy.

There are two kinds, one kind of plastic bottle is shaped jelly water, you can see the liquid inside. The taste is very fragrant and the styling effect is very hard.

The clip used by the barbershop to straighten the hair is called an electric splint or a hair straightener. Electric splint, also known as hair straightener, English name Hair straightener, is pioneered by American domain company in 1995, is a kind of high-temperature electronic products used to straighten hair.