Why do barbers need to bring their own barber tools?

Why do barbers need to bring their own barber tools?
Jun 18, 2023admin

Does the barber have to bring tools to the barber's shop?

1. Including curlers, tin foil, hairpins, hairspray, baking oil, ironing and dyeing equipment. The round cover I see every time I go to the barbershop is for hot dyeing. Of course, if some people are not satisfied with natural curls, they can straighten their hair, there is an electric splint, a long hair is also very beautiful.

2. The barber must bring scissors when he goes out. Scissors means scissors. Because to entrust you, to hold you, to hold it and become Tony.

3. If you are an apprentice in a barbershop, you will get a set of guys when you start your career. If you don't start, you have to buy it yourself.

As a hairstylist, do they do their own hair?

No, the stylist's hairstyle also needs the help of his colleagues to cut (or perm or dye it), only when the hair styling is mostly done by the stylist himself.

Of course not, there is no one to cut his own hair! So don't go to the barber's with the best haircut, because he certainly didn't cut it.

This is determined by the division of labor of the hairdresser. If it is difficult, the hairdresser will operate it by himself. 2) the hairstylist's cutting has determined the perm effect. The job of a hairstylist is creative thinking, and the apprentice may not have the patience and precision of an apprentice. An apprentice may operate alone all day, which may be more accurate than a hairstylist. Please rest assured.

I am a barber. I want to go out of town with tools. There are five or six pairs of scissors, fader and electric clip stick.

If you take the train, there are five or six pairs of scissors, fader, electric clamp stick and so on. I can't even bring a peel knife (one that is sharp enough to cut fruit). Go through express delivery or consignment, consignment by weight, I believe it is very cheap. Those who take the bus can take it.

Can be carried, hair scissors are not controlled knives, you can take high-speed rail.

Straightening hair straightener is also called electric splint, English name is Hairstraightener, popular name splint, is through the current heating straightener heating body MCH or PTC or heating wire, conduction to aluminum plate or ceramic plate heating.

Why do barbers use special scissors?

Because the scissors in my home are not serious, the scissors that cut my hair are sharp.

Tooth scissors are mainly used to remove excess hair, guide hair flow and create a three-dimensional space inside the hair. Tooth scissors are divided into many categories according to their size and tooth shape. Generally speaking, barbers need to prepare two pairs of tooth scissors; one is smaller for trimming women's hair, and the other is suitable for trimming men's hair.

Definitely. The barber must open and close with scissors at least thousands of times a day, so the scissors must be durable and sharp. Scissors are double-edged tools for cutting sheet or linear objects such as cloth, paper, steel plate, rope, round steel, etc., the two edges are interlaced and can be opened and closed. in China, there is a distinction between scissors and scissors due to the development of the textile industry.

The reasons are as follows: the material is different, the ordinary scissors are made of carbon steel and stainless steel, and the hairdressing scissors are generally made of 440C, which is more wear-resistant, easier to use and sharper than the ordinary household ones. The hardness is high, and the material determines the hardness. The scissors used by barbers generally have a hardness of 58 to 60.